A color coordinated vacation

Even though the Dude promised us that he loved road trips (the only one in his recent memory being the one in which Love-A-Bull sprung him from jail in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and brought him to Austin), his car-riding performance this weekend proved otherwise.

About an hour into our drive into the Hill Country, the Dude started looking a big queasy and nervous, and before we knew it, we were pulled over on the side of the highway, cleaning up that morning’s breakfast, a big helping of grass, and some slime from the brand new floor of grandpa’s brand new Buick SUV. Oops.

After that incident, a little walk around the grassy shoulder, and a dog switcheroo (in which Dude moved to my lap and Chick moved to the dog bed on the floor), all was well.

Another 45 uneventful minutes, and we arrived at the LBJ Ranch and Museum. The boys enjoyed the audio CD-led driving tour of the immense property, and loved the sights and smells on the walking tour of the Texas White House grounds even more.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the weather turned windy and rainy just as we arrived at our destination, so the boys spent much of their vacation snuggled up with each other inspiring songwriting:

And wooing the Turkey-man into feeding them sausages and cheese:

While us humans braved the elements, climbing the slippery, pink granite dome of Enchanted Rock in the foggy drizzle.

The Dude was pleased to find that he was in good company on our rental house’s property — in the surrounding fields, he found plenty of Longhorn friends with beautiful coats to match his own ruddy brown. Every time we went for a walk, he tried to playbow to them to show them that he is not a threat:

And every time, they refused to play. Poor Doodlebug.

Want your very own Doodlebug? Check out Love-A-Bull’s lovely adoptable dogs here!

23 responses

  1. Love the pictures….especially the family photo on the swing and the one of Snickerdoodle with his nose close to the lens. He looks great – healthy and appears to me to be growing. It’s wonderful seeing how he and Chick are getting along. The Dude hit the lottery!!

  2. One of our dogs gets carsick, we skip feeding her before we leave, then give her a tiny yummy peanut butter covered dog cookie with a piece of fresh, raw ginger hidden inside, and that keeps her from getting sick on the way. Also, if there’s room in the car and we’re going on a LONG trip, we find putting her in a covered crate helps. Of course I know Doodlebug doesn’t love crates, but it’s an idea 🙂 Thx for sharing the GREAT picks!

  3. Love love love the pic of the boys with their grandpa. And Chick with those really huge spots of brindle. SO cute!

    Its such a joy reading about your family memories in the making!

  4. I always thought pitties look like mini-cows, so I can understand Dude wanting to get the big guys to play with him. He looks so dejected – what a little sweetheart. Love the family pic under the big tree! 🙂

  5. Adore the family photo of you guys on the sweet swinging bench. Looks like a fantastic trip, just love those pooches! Also, I don’t think I have officially congratulated you on the adoption of the Dude so CONGRATS!! SO happy for you three on adding numero four

  6. What a great trip! We’ve been meaning to head out that way for a couple of years now, but life has gotten in the way. Can you pass along via email the name of the rental house where you stayed (obviously dog-friendly)?
    Sorry your weather was a bit dreary, but at least it wasn’t too hot! Great pics!

  7. Great pictures! Enjoy reading your blog…one of my huskies tried to play with cows (though not longhorn) recently when she escaped her collar and went off to explore. Thankfully the cows weren’t much into playing with her and I finally got her back in one piece.

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