Sometimes all the ingredients for a good nap — a hot day, a soft pillow, a bunch of sleepy dogs — converge on the rug right by the front door, and we just can’t help ourselves . . .

Looking for your own co-napper? Check out Love-A-Bull’s adoptable darlings here!

15 responses

  1. The snuggle position that Chick has going on is my favorite kind of dog snuggle…Doodle’s snuggle position, on the other hand, is very undignified! 🙂

  2. My pugs are always ready for a nap on the couch. Higher ground, I think. Enjoy those naps, they are too & far between.

  3. Lilu always makes her nap with us or with me … between us … or on the pillow of the other … or just alone … on the couch or in bed … so cute …

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