Weekend in review: Chickerdoodle Camp!

Our weekend adventure was a blast, and the boys absolutely loved their summer camp experience, and they were totally pooped last night when we got home.

We’ll give a complete review tomorrow, but in the meantime, a little game: which of the following statements is NOT true?

(a) Doodlebug conquered his fear of water and learned to swim;

(b) Chick had so much fun on Friday that he had to stay in most of Saturday to nurse his fun-hangover;

(c) For his kayak ride, Chick chose the standing “siren” pose at the front of the vessel;

(d) Doodlebug took his daddy on a pack hike with some other dogs and towed him up the mountain in a harness;

(e) Chick was nearly kidnapped by several other campers who fell in love with his dashing good looks and ample charms.

Did I kayak or did I chicken out?

Was Dude man enough to go for a paddle?

20 responses

  1. My guess is letter B. Nothing stops Sir Chick from having a great time outdoors! Glad they did, too. Doodlebug needed this. I

  2. I think E would be my answer. Looks like a lot of fun!! Can’t wait until tomorrow to find out the burning questions did they or didn’t they?

  3. Im gonna go with A. Like everyone else E is not an option. He such a handsome guy that Im sure you had to keep an eye on him at all times. I love how he squints his eyes.

  4. A) Doodlebug did not conquer his fear of water! But heck, you can’t have everything! More exposure, less fear. You guys have done a great job with all of your fosters (and failed fosters) so keep doing what you do best, giving these doggies the experiences of their lives.

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