Chix-A-Lot Friday: Aunt Kareaux comes to visit!

Well she doesn’t really spell her name that way, but she really is my Aunt. You see, some of my extended family is from Louisiana, and sometimes I can’t quite keep straight who is who. Is it Aunt Kareaux or is it Aunt Karo? In any case.

Aunt K is my very favorite aunt. You can imagine how excited I was to find out that she was coming to pay her sister me a visit in our new land! Here are my favorite things about Aunt K:

1. She always pets me when I give her my sweetest Please Pet Me look.

2. She always smells good. A little bit like vanilla, and sometimes like salmon around her fingernails (if she has been cooking).

3. Sometimes she and I wear matching outfits, like at Christmas a few years ago.

4. She and I match splendidly, with her shining gold hairs perfectly complementing the shining gold stars on my Paco collar.

5. We both try to go running from time to time but get a little bit lazy when it’s too hot outside (it’s usually too hot outside for running in my opinion).

But the thing that’s a little different about this visit this time is that I have to share her with my new brother, who apparently also has five favorite things about Aunt K even though he just met her yesterday.

I’m just gonna have to work extra hard at being snugglier and sweeter than him so that I’m still her favorite!

10 responses

  1. Oh Chick…you are EVERYONE’S favorite Chick!! You make my heart sing with your curmudgeon-like ways.
    Dude is EVERYONE’S favorite Dude…for his Snickerdoodle-like ways.
    But, if there was ever a competitiion…you would win becuase Chix a Lot Fridays make the world go round!

  2. Chick I dont think you need to worry Im sure your Aunt Kareaux has plenty of love for both you and the Dudester.

  3. You’ll always be the favorite because you were her first nephew! The Dude will be a close second, though. And yes, what are the Dude’s 5 favorite things about his new auntie?

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