To Grandmother’s house we go . . .

Chick has traveled thousands and thousands of miles with his face squished between the driver and passenger seats of our various cars. He loves laying there, softly snoring, gently rousing when he senses a highway exit or hears his favorite song.

This weekend we took a weekend trip to Galveston to spend some time with the boys’ grandparents and say goodbye to a very special friend (more on that later in the week). Chick got to introduce his new brother to all the wonders of Galveston living, and gallantly shared his favorite backseat driving spot. Luckily, Chick’s philosophy on cuddling-squishiness is “The more the merrier!”

22 responses

  1. This Couple was sure sent by God! A Perfect Match…Gets no better than this…
    Thank You for sharing this with me this Morning….

  2. What a lovely photo and desire to be with mom and dad. A friend took Justus to meet a neighbor last week; he sat in the back seat with his head on her shoulder, relaxed, knowing he was in for a good time.

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