Chix-A-Lot Friday: getting ready for a special visitor!

Hey guys, I’m so excited I’d almost pee in my pants, if I were wearing any pants. I’ve been bouncing and bouncing about, and peeping out the window every few minutes. Mama says I’m being silly because my special visitor isn’t coming until tomorrow, but I want to be good and ready!

I’ve prepared the Dora B&B and have told Doodlebug all about how to charm our special visitor’s socks off so she’ll love him forever. I already am not too worried about her loving me forever, charming as I am.

I can’t wait to tell you all about her visit, but for now I have to run — I need to be on lookout at the door, and there are pillows to fluff!

Love, Chickster

13 responses

  1. Chick, you look super handsome in your photo. I’m wondering if it’s your auntie (mama’s sister) who is coming to visit. Whoever she is…..she is lucky!! Of course, the visitor could have 4 legs….hmmmm.

  2. Peace Love & Foster is coming to visit. Can’t wait to see the pics! Have a wonderful time Chick and Dood!!!

  3. Ha, cute post Chickster! Hope you and Doodlebug have lots of fun with your special visitor! Can’t wait to hear all about the visit.

    ~ L.

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