What we’ve been up to

Wondering what we’ve been up to over here at Casa Chickerdoodle since we all-but-disappeared from the blogosphere? The answer is: plenty!

Naturally, the #1 activity for the boys has been sleeping on the job:

But they’ve also been out on the town, test-riding their new car . . .

sightseeing in Austin . . .

and helping out with home projects . . .

Our A/C broke down for a few days, and the boys declared it officially too hot to go running outside . . .

Instead, they took up Stand-Up Paddleboarding, which left them equally happy and tired, but much cooler and damper.

Doodlebug also signed up for his Canine Good Citizen class, which was very hard work . . .

And he graduated! Now he needs to keep practicing his meet-and-greets before he can take the test. Any Austinite humans and dogs want to help?

They’ve also been preparing a VERY EXCITING SURPRISE for everyone, which Chick will tell you about on Friday! Without giving away too much, we can tell you this: you’d better have your breed books ready and start selecting your favorite photo of your favorite pet — if you win our contest, your snapshot will become art!

As you can imagine, this busy and active life leaves the boys exhausted most evenings, and ready to fall onto The Dora in a sweet pit bull snuggle-pile. Sweet dreams, everyone!


26 responses

  1. I love how they snuggle together. None of my dogs do that. Perhaps it’s because they don’t like each other? LOL

  2. My Pepper needs to practice meet & greets as well! Just for basic obedience though – we will be working on our CGC soon. Her tail wagging back end is hard to control when she meets a human or canine she has not had the chance to lick yet.

  3. Sounds like things have been busy! Thanks for such a great recap – can’t wait to read Chick’s news on Friday. I love the cuddling/spooning picture – they are so sweet and so perfect for each other.

  4. Nice to catch us up- I love seeing those faces! Congrats to the Dude- he’s been working so hard! I’m car shopping this summer- what did you get? If a Chick and a Dude can fit, that’s the right size for me!

  5. Did you get an Element? The punks like ours much better than the little car. The boys look great, I can’t believe how quickly Doodlebug’s fur has filled back in. Love his smile and Chick’s serious look in their life vests.

  6. A big congrats to the Dude! And…I’m hoping you and all readers/fans can help me…My pit bull Petey gets HYSTERICAL whenever we are at the beach and he sees anyone in the water. He cries and yips and if he can, will rush into the water barking hysterically at surfers and swimmers. Not a good thing…any tips on how to curb this? Thanks so much!

  7. Hey, congrats on passing your CGC class – if you come up to Michigan to help me, I’ll come down to Austin! Good luck with the test – my affection-sponge of a golden retriever aced everything but jumping on strangers – he was just so eager to get a pet. Happily, these days, at two, he’s calmer and learned that a sit is most likely to generate affection.

    Dog training is the most fun, isn’t it? Such a nice way to build your relationship with your dog. I did a lot of training last year one on one with a fantastic trainer. And now that I got another young dog, I appreciate the skills I gained so much. I’ve learned to be very consistent and my newest dog is very responsive. Keeps everyone happier and safer and calmer. Happy training, Ruby

  8. What a great post. I have missed you. I am glad that Dude graduated. Huge… huge. And Chick? Damn, that boy is so photogenic. Request? A post on how he got his name… πŸ™‚

  9. My pup Captain and I just graduated from a CGC Class as well πŸ™‚ He also needs to practice the dog greeting part, isn’t it amazing how smart they are? I’m o proud of my dog and I’m sure you are too πŸ™‚

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