When a dog goes missing: Bring Dora home!

We’ve been all kinds of worried around here since we heard the terrible news on Sunday afternoon — our former foster dog, Dora the Explorer, is missing.

She was out for a walk with her mama at their local park when Dora saw a cat that Mary didn’t, and just like that — Dora pulled the leash out of Mary’s hand, and was off. It was before noon on Sunday, and there have been no Dora-sightings since.

Pretty scary.

The biggest glimmer of hope is in the fact that Mary has done everything right. Dora had been microchipped and registered, and wearing a tag with her name, address, and phone number. Mary posted all of Dora’s info to facebook right away. She shared the info with us and with Love-A-Bull, and we re-posted it. She went to the two closest city shelters to report her missing dog. She put Dora’s crate with her favorite blanket out near the site of her disappearance, hoping she would come back (as many dogs do). She made flyers with Dora’s photo and a description of where she was last seen and what she was last wearing, and has been posting it around the area where she went missing.

If preparation is any indicator of success, Dora will be home safe and sound very soon.

In the meantime, we’re crossing all of our fingers, toes, and paws, and praying for the speedy and safe return of Dora. If you are — or know anybody — in the Copperas Cove, TX area (this includes Fort Hood, Lampasas, and Killeen), please share this info via facebook, twitter, community listerves, or however you can:

Dora took off during her walk at South Park in Copperas Cove, TX, on Sunday, 8/26 around 11am. She is an adult blue pit bull, wearing a pink cupcake collar with her name tag and address on one side, and her rabies tag on the other. Her nails are also hot pink, and she was be dragging a red/silver/reflective leash. Please call Mary with any info on Dora’s whereabouts: 919-480-3304. Dora is very friendly and needs to come home.


Or please share our facebook post with the flyer embedded, here.

Together we can bring Dora home!



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  1. Poor Dora, this is my worst nightmare! It sounds like Mary has done everything she can, now it’s just up to word of mouth and the community keeping an eye out. Sending positive thoughts from Nashville!

  2. I really hope she is found or come home on her own, soon. I can imagine the worry Mary is going through. Good luck! I’ll keep thinking she is on her way home, safe and sound.

  3. OMG Aleksandra I was absolutely sick to my stomach when I heard this first on FB yesterday….SENDING HOPES AND PRAYERS to get Dora home now after two nights…that some decent honest person will run into her and get her back to momma….HUGS! Please keep us posted of any news….praying hard here from CT

  4. Mary needs to VISIT her local shelters every other day. Do NOT depend on desk staff knowing or connecting every dog who comes in; if they did, my Max would be alive. Dogs can go for miles – posting statewide w/ Lost Dogs of Texas is very good. I also use FindToto.com. Costs some depending on amt of area to cover but they make phone calls to as large an area you want covered. Have her contact her chip company, too; they should have a lost dog alert in their system if I remember correctly. Find and alert every Pittie rescue in TX.
    Prayers being said.

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  7. Shared the posting on FB. I’ve been checking 2 or 3 times a day – hoping for good news. Poor Dora…her mama must be sick with worry.

  8. Has Dora been found/sighted yet?
    Dont give up hope!
    My cousin’s cat got out of the house in the middle of Paris (France) city center, and after doing everything she could, my cousin had to give up… 45 days later, she got a call from a vet in Boulogne (outside of paris, a rural- country area) saying that someone brought in her cat, and they checked for the chip.
    never give up!

  9. Oh Aleksandra, from a long-time reader and first-time poster, SO sorry to hear this sad news. Dora is such a beauty, and I can only imagine how heart sick you and her new family must be. We have our fingers and paws crossed that she comes home safe and sound VERY soon! We shared her on facebook as well.

  10. I met a man at our dog park whose dog jumped a fence while at a friends house. I have no idea why, but the lady that found the dog posted it on Craigs list. I never would have checked Craigs list but just in case… it might be another place to look. Luckily he got his dog back and finally got him micro chipped. I hope so badly that Dora is found, I just feel awful!

  11. Any news? This is possibly my worst nightmare. Hope you find her soon! My Akita worries me so much, she will chase a squirrel/cat/anything small that runs until something ie a tree or fence gets in her way.

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