Chix-a-Lot Friday: Happy Birthday to me!

Well well friends, this week was my birthday. If you’re feeling bad about not sending me packages of peanut-butter-and-liver cupcakes or baskets of kittens, don’t. You have another chance. My actual birthday (adopt-a-versary) is November 11, but my observed birthday is usually on Thanksgiving! So just send me the kittens then.

This year for my birthday I got a super special Fetching Tag just like my brother’s. Boy oh boy was I excited when it came in the mail! I will show it to you next week, but for now I will just tell you this: it has my name and phone number and a special motto all about me. I love it!

In preparation, why don’t we just take a look at the gifts I’ve gotten in previous years, shall we?

My very first year of having a real birthday, you see, I got a brand new mama, dad, and a home. That was a BIG year! And to top it off, I also got a kitten! The people still insist that Illy did not belong to me officially. I’ll let you be the judge, based on the photographic evidences:

The next year, mom and dad and my aunt Sara the painter got me a painting. I just loved climbing up on the back of the sofa and gazing deeply and intensely into its corners:

The third year, they let me help bake, and gave me whole bunches of frosting to lick clear off the cold metal thingies. That was a sweet year!

And the following year, since I loved the bakings so much, mama let me lick a little icing off the edge of the table after we went for a big birthday swim. Wahoo!

The year after that, mama and dad let me sleep in the bed in a hotel. A simple pleasure, sure, but such a rare one. You can see how much I loved it!

Year six, I got what is — no exaggeration — THE BEST TOY EVER. It’s basically a squeaky squirrel on a fishing pole. You can see how much joy it brings me here:

Then two years ago, mama and dad got me . . . my first foster sister. Um, thanks mom and dad. No offense, but that was the lamest birthday ever!

Luckily they made up for it last year by giving me my most beautiful Paco Collar. Aren’t I the handsomest?

Oh, and I also got a nice tall margarita for that same birthday. Double score!

The Bug and I are off to Galveston next week to visit our grandparents for my birthday Thanksgiving, and I bet there are even more surprises in store there.

Happy Chick’s birthday to everybody!

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  1. Chick, happy birhtday! You are a funny dog and you are a handsome dog and you are a sweet dog! I agree with you that, seeing the evidence, Lily belongs to you. Isn’t one kitten enough? I wish you a great time with your brother and parents in Galveston and tons of surprises!

  2. I can’t get over how handsome you are, Chick! And so much personality. Happy birthday! Here’s to many, many more. Oh, and I’m pretty sure my Hamlet needs one of those squirrel on a pole toys.

  3. Happy, happy Birthday. And visiting the grandparents. Be careful, you might get spoiled some more.

    You definitely need to get a kitten again. (Well, I’m a little confused. Do you still have kitty? I just don’t remember kitty before…)

    Cats are cats and dogs are dogs and a dog’s gotta have a kitty, too.

  4. Ugh I am so jealous that Chick is good with cats! Is it all cats, or just that one? 18 months later and Beau still chases Zora.

    PS: Happy Birthday, Chick!

  5. Happy birthday, Sir Chix! It looks like you have done pretty well over the years. That picture of you and the kitty is so beautiful! I look forward to hearing about how the celebration continues next week!

  6. Sir Chick, you share a birthday with my Brew man (Nov 11th) it’s his actual birthday since his momma had him while in care but he is also adopted. He turned 8 this year. He say’s Happy Belated birthday and cheers to many more!

  7. Hey Chix, it’s my birthday week too, so Happy Birthday to us! You sure are a lucky dog but I can see in your eyes how grateful you are. My dearly departed girls LOVED their cat, and now I have 2 kittens, which you are welcome to come play with!

  8. Happy birthday, Chick! Hope you, the Dude and the whole family have a great holiday and a fun celebration in your honor! Can’t wait to hear what you get this year! xoxo

  9. Happy Birthday Chickster! I hope you, Bug, mom & dad have a great time at your grandparents! Maybe this year’s birthday gift will be a kitten, a painting, yummy frosting, a swim, a hotel bed, a foster, a squeaky squirrel on a fishing pole, AND a margarita! Paws crossed for you!

  10. Happy Birthday Chick! I had no idea that you’ve had so many birthdays! But I’m glad they have been such happy occasions! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Birthday Party!

  11. Your blog brings me so much happiness, and now to find out that Chick and my Pitt mix share the same birthday–well that’s the icing on the cake!! Awesome. Happy b-day guy!

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