Chix-A-Lot Friday: Sweaters are for Snuggling

Hi Friends,

Sorry I missed our regular date last week — I was so very busy preparing for and entertaining my many many family persons from out of town! You see, Aunt Kareaux was in town, as was Aunt Sara, and also ALL of my grandparents and my Uncle Jefe. As you can imagine, I was a very busy Sir!

But boy do I have something special in store for you, and it involves a secret discount code! I’ve been saving up this eye candy for you for a couple of weeks now, waiting for a seasonably chilly day in Texas. I’ve been storing my eye candy (and my brother’s) with my local, sustainably-harvested firewood, my organic, vegan hot cocoa, and my antique oil lamp — where I keep my most special things for winter-type days.


Now, what those of you who are not from Texas do not know (but I DO know because I am from Texas) is that we Austinites don’t have very seasonable days if the season in question is winter. In fact for the past few weeks, it’s been the kind of warm and sunny that makes the trees and bulbs get confused and start to bud and flower all up. Silly, right?

So I have been waiting and waiting until FINALLY it got below 60 degrees once, and in fact at night time it got downright chilly– down to the 40s! So what did my brother the ‘Bug and I do to celebrate? We donned our gorgeous, custom, hand-knit sweaters from Tiennot Knits Sweaters!


It sure is nice and cozy wearing these sweaters — we get all kinds of complements when we go out on the town — not only are the sweaters gorgeous, soft, and non-itchy on their own, but they also make us look even more handsome than we already were (if that’s even possible). Just check out these sophisticated grey stripes and coordinating Chick and Doodlebug color bands:Chickerdoodle-130214-29

The one thing that we may have thought was even more fun than wearing the sweaters was picking out all the features. We got to custom pick our colors (red for me and blue for the ‘Bug, obviously), our patterns, our exact measurements, and then we got to add buttons for easy on-and-off and turtlenecks to really show off our most beautiful faces!

How fun is that?

You can order your own custom Tiennot Knits sweater via our friends Turk and Rufus’ blog or their sweatermaker’s facebook page. And if you mention the code CHICKERDOODLE with your order between now and Monday (February 18), you will get 10% off your order — sweet!!

And once you’ve done that, hurry back here and leave us a comment to settle our debate once and for all — who is the best sweater-model of us all? My brother the ‘Bug:


or Yours Truly?Chickerdoodle-130214-48

16 responses

  1. Well, you’re both so handsome, it’s hard to say who is the better sweater model! I might have to reserve my judgement for my little Ray who is eagerly awaiting his own Tiennot sweater as I type this! 🙂

  2. it’s always pretty chilly in Erie, so the pups ate always donning their attire in order to stay warm. they will be glad to (FINALLY! ) get their TK sweaters. they love the idea of the matching with a color coded band. Tess & Ed wantednee to ask you if they could borrow your idea.

    and I think you are both absolutely stunning sweater models.

  3. There is no way possible to choose between the two of you. You are both the most handsomest sweater models in all the land. Mwah!!!

  4. And I thought they couldn’t possibly get ANY cuter…now they are sporting these gorgeous sweaters! These would come in VERY handy up here in Montana…my big girl Boxer may just have to follow in your footsteps and check these out to stay warm 🙂

  5. You two could be supermodels! We have big furry coats in this house (they leave their sweaters all over the place!) but I will be sure to pass along the info to our short-coated friends. 🙂

  6. You two are the cutest models – you with your wise, squinty eyes and Bug with his round, baby eyes. You are just adorable. But if I have to pick the winner, I’m picking you because your white furs really enhance the color of your sweater. 🙂

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