Chix-A-Lot Friday: New collars for Texas Independence Day!

Happy Texas Independence Day, y’all!

Chickerdoodle-Lonestar collar 18I bet you didn’t even know that on tomorrow in 1836, Texas officially broke loose of Mexico and became an independent republic? And it wasn’t for another ten years that we joined the US? Yup, it explains a lot, right? It’s why us Texans are such badasses!

All you other-state dwellers must be very jealous, not having the rich heritage full of badassery like we in Texas have. Even our flag rubs it in your faces reminds us. A single star — a Lone Star, if you will — flying proud in a sky of loyal blue. And the flag looks great on us, don’t it?

Chickerdoodle- Lonestar collar 13

So it’s in honor of this very special Texas holiday that we are THRILLED to debut a brand new Sirius Republic collar — the Lone Star! The new Lone Star collar comes in red or blue with complementary, patriotic stars throughout. It was dreamt up especially for Texans, but we won’t tell anybody if you choose to get yours for other patriotic holidays — it happens to match the American flag, too! And how convenient, with Memorial day and July 4th just around the corner.

So go on, you know you want to. Get yourself a Lone Star collar and celebrate whatever it is that you love most about Texas — whether it be our famous cowdog style:

Chickerdoodle-Lonestar collar 40

Or our famous Texas beer:

chickerdoodle beer composite

And through this weekend — because they love Texas so much — Sirius Republic is offering 10% off ALL orders (not just the Lone Star collar), if you use the secret code CHICKERDOODLE at checkout. Also consider using the rescue code for Love-A-Bull, RPLB57, at checkout: if you do, 20% of proceeds for your order will be donated to Doodlebug’s very own — and very Texan — rescue group!

So hurry along, and while you’re at it, tell us: what is YOUR favorite thing about Texas, and what are YOU doing to celebrate?

Chickerdoodle-Lonestar collar 23

11 responses

  1. I was wondering about this FABULOUS collars when I saw them on the SR Facebook page! We’re from PA and the pooches have never been to Texas, but if “ya’ll” live there, it must be pretty fantastic!

  2. Better yet, how did you get the Dude to try and open that beer bottle? Smear it with some bacon grease? Great trick, although I’m not sure I want my boys to learn how to open up beer! My concern is one day they’ll be opening the pantry for themselves to get the treats!


  3. Thanks, Chick! I’m from Texas, and I miss it SO MUCH (especially now that I live in New England where it’s always snowing…) I have so many favorite things about Texas, it’s hard to pick just one: the Houston Rockets, the rodeo, the WEATHER – good thing I’m celebrating by going to Texas to visit my parents next week, and I’ll get to experience all 3 again!! Can you tell how excited I am by all the exclamation marks? LOL.

    I’m seriously thinking about getting these collars for the Badgershrooms, too. Do you have a rescue code?

    • Hey- we don’t have a rescue code, as we are not currently affiliated with a specific rescue. But we can recommend Handsome Dan’s as a rescue we have worked with extensively and have a great deal of affection for . . . XO Chick

    • Updated: we now DO have a rescue code for Love-A-Bull! If you haven’t placed your order yet, please use: RPLB57

      XOXO Chick

      On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Love and a Six-Foot Leash wrote:

      > Hey- we don’t have a rescue code, as we are not currently affiliated with > a specific rescue. But we can recommend Handsome Dan’s as a rescue we have > worked with extensively and have a great deal of affection for . . . > XO > Chick > > > On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 8:49 AM, Love and a Six-Foot Leash <

  4. Proud to be a Texan!! Great photos and article today! My pups love to play with beer bottles. What is my favorite part of being a Texan? The history and greatness of the state! So much history over the years even before we became a part of the United States. And we’ve even done well standing on our own as a country. A lot to be proud of.

  5. I’m a Yankee from MN, SD, & MT now living in MO…LOVE the boots, collars, and CHICKERDOODLE! Those photos are so good – am heading over to Dogtrography.

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