Chix-A-Lot Friday: My morning Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Every morning while mama is still sleeping, dad gets quietly up out of bed to start his day, and Doodlebug gets up with him. This daily tradition started a while back, when mama and dad decided that Doodlebug and dad needed to build a stronger bond (and that Doodlebug could use more walkings). So morningtime comes, and dad and my ‘Bug tip-toe out of bed to start their day, with this:Chickerdoodle-130321-2

Sometimes it takes a slight rattle of a leash in the metal leash-bucket and sometimes it just takes the sight of dad getting up, but for Doodlebug, the morning adventure walk-or-run is a no-brainer. Doodlebug always chooses this adventure:


Some days I get inspired and join him, so the start of our adventure looks more like this:


But other days, I choose a different adventure while they go for their run-or-walk. One that looks more like this:Chickerdoodle-130321-33Mama and dad joke that I’m a lazy-bones, but really, I’m just trying to do the right thing — after all, somebody’s gotta keep mama company while the men-folk are out adventuring in the world!

554934_445756098838106_1016740359_nWe hope everybody has a nice weekend full of adventuresome walks and nice cozy nappings!

16 responses

  1. Cute! We have trouble with mom and doing things separately. Even if one of us doesn’t really want to go we usually do because mom feels bad leaving one of us behind. We think it is great that one runs with dad and the other snuggles with mom!

  2. Cute! We can’t separate our boys – I took Sam to the vet last night and Monty is still poopy that he got left behind.


  3. Dear Chick,
    I know exactly how you feel! Yesterday my mama brought my doggie sister to work with her. I was in the middle of some VERY important relaxing so I hid my face under my blanket so they wouldn’t notice me. I am very clever and my trickery worked! I got to stay home and be a relax-a-bull all morning!
    Jack, Connoisseur of Sleeping

  4. Never commented before, although I read religiously and smile through all your posts. The text and photos in this post are so over-the-top cute, I had to say THANK YOU.

    • Thanks so much for this sweet note– you made our day!

      Typed by my trained monkey. Please excuse tybos.

  5. I’ve actually had some trouble the last week or so in getting Johnnie to choose her morning adventure over sleeping in. I’d let her sleep in all she wants, except that it totally catches up with us later in the afternoon when she realizes she has energy to spare! I have started opening her crate as soon as I wake up and then let her roll out of bed on her own time while I brush my teeth, get dressed, etc. Usually by then she’s up, but not always. I feel ya, Chick!

  6. Sounds like our two black doggies. My Maxi loves her morning sleep-ins, as do I and Bundy loves going for a D-R-I-V-E and early morning W-A-L-K with Dad, it has become a routine in the last 12 months and as soon as Bundy hears the rattle of the keys he knows it is time to get up and get moving.

  7. Oscar, the love of my life, a shelter dog, would put one wet nose on my hand to let me know it was time to start the day. After 16 years, Oscar moved on and Bogie moved in. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DOG MAKES! Bogie,an abused English Cocker, trusted no one and loved to get behind the sofa to leave a mess. I had to keep him, No one else would put up with his I HATE YOU ALL, behaviour, in spite of the wagging tail. Now, after 2 years, he is as sweet as cockers are meant to be but is still afraid of strange men. He was a challenge, and a tease. That was the trainers comment, but she loved him and helped work things out. Not all dogs have as great a start as the pets we read about on this site. Looking for a new dog? Give a shelter dog a chance at a wonderful life. They know who worked with them and never forget. Bogie waits until I’m up before he gets off the bed now.

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