Chix-A-Lot Friday: Brothers are for Thunderstorms

Ok, I’ll admit. I’ve always been a scaredy-dog when it comes to thunderstorms. One rumble of thunder and I’m looking for the nearest armpit to wedge my face under. There’s just something downright unsafe about thunderstorms.

And this is one of the Very Best Things about having a brother who has, inexplicably, no fear of the thunders. The yoga ball, yes, he fears. The sound that a cork makes as it’s coming out of a bourbon bottle, scary. Yes. But thunderstorms? He doesn’t think so.

And this is great news for me, because his snuggly fearlessness makes me feel cozy and safe. Thanks, little Doodlebug. I guess you’re not so bad after all.


Chickerdoodle-130403-11Chickerdoodle-130403-5 Chickerdoodle-130403-19 Chickerdoodle-130403-25




30 responses

  1. We’re glad you have a brave brother to help you through the scary thunderstorms, Chick. Ray is not afraid of thunder, either, but when you take the bag out of the garbage can, you’ll find Ray huddled under a table. Go figure.

  2. I am not bothered by any loud noises but my big brave sister is a total whimp with loud noises and thunderstorms. She always needs to be by mom because she gets so scared!

  3. love the photos! I don’t think either Tess or Ed is afraid off thunderstorms. Ed isn’t afraid of anything really (well except those giant blow-up things people put in their yard for Christmas… he hates those), but Tess is afraid of EVERYTHING else… go figure.

  4. Sweet pictures! I wish my big lovey dovey boxer had a brother or sister to keep her company. Snuggle time is usually her in my lap because she doesn’t realize she isn’t a lap dog and we don’t want to spoil the illusion for her.

  5. Aw, that’s so sweet that Doodlebug let’s you cuddle with him when you get scared of the thunders. You know Dottie has the same fear but she feels safest under the bed when it happens, so we let her stay under there as long as she likes.

  6. I have Italian Greyhounds who don’t cuddle together. My girl used to be deathly afraid of storms and would try to claw a hole through the drywall, or wedge herself between the back of the toilet and the bathroom wall. Was considering drugs to knock her out during storms so she wouldn’t hurt herself, when I got her the Storm Defender Cape© to try. It was the best investment I ever made. A miracle. After one use, she quit trying to claw through the drywall. After a few uses, she got to where she could sit beside me during the storm. Eventually, she got to the point where she can sleep through thunderstorms, as long as she is wearing her little red coat and can sit by me, or snuggle in her hidey-hole (a bed underneath the table between the couch and an interior wall in the living room. I recently replaced it with a new one, because after seven years of use her original one was getting kind of ragged. The company offers a money-back guarantee, so it’s worth a try.

  7. Janie, our rescue pitbull, had been chained out to a fence in the inner city and starved before we got her. She was deathly afraid of thunder. She used to hide in our little bathroom under the sink whenever one hit. It was very sad.

  8. I always feel so bad when I hear about dogs who have problems with storms. How awful it must be for them. We’ve been so lucky with Wilbur. We moved him on board our boat when he was 4 months old and for the next 2 months we battled many storms (and a lot of them in the middle of the night), and none of it fazed him. He’s still a wonderful salty dog and we’re very spoiled.

  9. Such scary pitbulls huh? This is what some people are so afraid of.? Cuddly dogs afraid of thunder and so cute. I hate the bad rep they get when they are so cute and loving If they would just give them a chance.

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