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  1. Me LIKE! Munchies can wreck havoc on a slim waistline. Dog coat and collars no longer fit, and I feel so lazy afterward. So tomatoes it is! Unless, that is, I am moved to Colorado.
    Sadly, no matter how much I beg or how many cute tricks I perform, Mom probably wouldn’t allow me to partake,:-)

  2. WOW! Your tomatoes are absolutely wonderful! Love this photograph! We have not planted anything in our garden yet, but our tomato plants and others are doing nicely under the grow lights in our basement. We can’t wait to start our gardening season.

    Also, I was hoping that you could help us out! We are participating in collecting donations for the APL for their 8th annual Pledge For Pets fundraiser to help all of the abused and abandoned animals on the streets. If you can help us raise donations for this much needed cause, here is the donation link to help out! http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nikitaland/2013-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash It all adds up to help those animals who do not have a voice and want to find their forever home too! Thanks!

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