The yummiest of yummables

When asked us to join their team of blogger product reviewers, we first thought to ourselves… nah, we don’t really like doing product reviews. But then Doodlebug looked at us like this, and we thought to ourselves… You’re right boys. High-quality treats, delivered to our door for free? Yes please.


So we made our selection — the Orijen Black Angus Beef freeze-dried treats, and before the dogs could figure out how to spell “lickety-split,” the package arrived.

Chickerdoodles-130702-10What did we think? Us humans were impressed with the short list of ingredients: Angus beef liver, boneless Black Angus beef, Black Angus tripe. The treats — along with all Orijen products — are made in Canada from all Canadian ingredients, and we like that too.

What did the boys think? They decided that black angus is their favorite flavor of beefs. These treats were so yummable that the boys couldn’t even concentrate enough to follow basic commands or do simple tricks. I’d ask for one thing, and they’d speed through all of the commands and tricks that they know in rapid fire succession, and then stare at me with those gimmegimmegimme eyes.


If anything, these treats were too delicious. We’ll be saving them for those special occasions when we’re asking the boys to do something exceptionally difficult, like walk casually past a giant, tiara-wearing cat eating a tuna sandwich with bacon on top. The boys are just hoping that such a day comes.

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  1. Amelia and I acted the same way! Those treats where just so super fantastic, I did every trick I every learned, and even threw a few in there that mom had no idea I picked up! Like jump, twist and twirl! I almost did a back flip at one point! We definitely have new favorite treats in the house!

  2. Too cute – I LOVE LOVE LOVE, I feed my boys grain-free, garbage-free limited ingredient food and I can order it on subscription (which means discounted and free shipping) through, can’t beat it!

  3. I’ll have to check those out. I used to feed Orijen to Ray but it was just not compatible with a then owie tummy. Sounds like its worth another look.

  4. I got a good deal on the Bison flavored Orijen treats but apparently I chose the wrong flavor! I offered some to a rescue I was photographing and he was like, “Nah, I’m good,” and Edward eats them but they’re not *that* exciting. They are good for catching mid-air though! 🙂

  5. ABSOLUTELY adorable photos -especially the first one! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Might have to check out those Angus treats sometime. It’s difficult to find quality dog treats that aren’t mostly corn or chemicals that have 11-letter names I can’t pronounce!

  6. “I’d ask for one thing, and they’d speed through all of the commands and tricks that they know in rapid fire succession, and then stare at me with those gimmegimmegimme eyes.”


  7. The Orijen treats sure are awesome! I got the Lamb ones for Elka, and I’m pretty sure they’re her current favorite right now as well!

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