Lovings for visitors


Whenever we have visitors from out of town, the boys have to make them feel special — each in his very own way. After all, as far as the boys are concerned, everybody who enters the house is here for the Chick & Bug show. What other reason could there be?

So while Aunt Kareaux was reading books with Puppy E, Chick was giving her ankle a most heartfeult snuggle:Evangeline-130728-16While Doodlebug was teaching Uncle Anders how to breakdance.

Evangeline-130728-8 Evangeline-130728-1


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  1. Annie and Paul have a similar philosophy: everyone exists to pet them and give them treats. I’m glad to see they’re not the only ones with these ideas! Love Chickerdoodle.

  2. I love your blogs.Its amazing the amount of love these puppies give back to you. My house is filled with ex battered, starved and abused dogs , the latest being a lame Neapolitan Mastiff who used to live in constant paranoia of being mistreated.Now they are bundles of joy, each brimming with their individual characteristic. Every time we see them happily bounding up to us their mouths curved in smiles, we always feel that its them who did us a favor by giving us so much love and not the other way round.

  3. That first picture alone should be enough to squash anyone’s misconceptions about pit bulls. Just look at the love and adoration there in his cute little face!

    Absolute proof that there is no fault with this breed, but with the humans who have mistreated and mis-trained them and done these wonderful dogs a horrible injustice by incorrectly portraying them to the rest of society.

    As always, I love what you are doing here and I never get enough of seeing photos of your two beautiful dogs.

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  5. I wish I could be one of your lucky visitors and cuddle the dogs. Love the belly and joyful expression in the last pic.

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