daily dose of sugary sweetness

Lollie is a girl scout too.

If there is anything in the world cuter than Lolita herself, it’s Lolita hanging out with a girl scout.

The other day, Lollie Wonderdog and I went back to her home base of MCHS to be interviewed by ABC 7 for Tuesday’s 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock news. Well, also at the shelter was a troop of girl scouts who had done a wonderful project for MCHS, baking doggie treats and hand-making rope toys out of denim. These little ladies were cute as can be, and once they heard about Lolita’s sad story, they all wanted to come say hello. As always, Lollie Wonderdog was a perfect gentlelady– planting slimy little kisses on sweet girl scout cheeks and sitting calmly to bask in the affection. In fact, Lollie was so impressed with the girl scouts that she is thinking about joining a troop herself. She thinks she would look great in a green vest and a cute plaid skirt. Girl scout cookies, here we come!

Tune in to tomorrow’s ABC 7 DC news at 5 and 6pm to see Lollie’s major media debut!

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