Happy New Year! Lollie’s 2010 Wrap-Up

A friend over at the Cleveland Dog Blog posted ten questions to ask your dog about 2010, and Lollie was too lazy to get around to answering them . . . until this weekend. Here you go folks, here’s Lollie’s take on the past year.

Name: Lollie Wonderdog / Age: appx 3 yrs old / Breed: wonderbull extraordinaire / City: People’s Republic of Takoma Park, MD

1. Would you consider 2010 to be a good year or a bad year?

I am lucky to be a dog and therefore have a short memory, so I can enthusiastically call 2010 a good year. I have been so spoiled of late by my foster parents that I have all but forgotten the traumatic, horrid events of what happened to me in the early half of the year and made me wind up in a dumpster, bruised, half-starved, and filthy. All I’m choosing to remember now is the good life at Casa Fosterfamily

2. Is there one particular good day that you had in 2010? Please share.

I have to admit, the day I met Santa was probably the coolest. He was such a magical, wonderful man, and when I asked him for a Forever Family for Christmas, he sagely nodded and said yes, he would grant me one in the new year.

3. Do you have any regrets from 2010?

I had meant to learn American Sign Language, but I just didn’t have the time.

4. How concerned are you about Wikileaks?

About as concerned as I am about whether Justin Beaver lip-syncs or not.

5. If you could change one thing about your home life, what would it be?

I hope this doesn’t hurt my foster family’s feelings, but I’d move me to my forever home. I love my foster family, but I am looking forward to the peace of mind that comes from being in my real forever home.

6. If you were offered a dog toy endorsement deal, what toy would that be, and how would you like to be paid?

Hands down, the best dog toy ever is the “Chase-It” dog toy. My life is pretty good and I don’t need any money, so I think I’d ask to be compensated in donations to my local animal shelter for those poor dogs and cats that are still waiting to be rescued.

7. Do you think Justin Bieber lip-syncs?

Bieber?? All this time I thought his last name was Beaver!!

8. Do you have a celebrity dog crush?

Absolutely. Vicktory dog Handsome Dan is my soulmate—he just doesn’t know it yet. I even have a picture of him up in my room!

9. Do your people parents have a weird habit that concerns you?

This is hard to believe, but they go for entire long walks with me around the neighborhood and don’t sniff the ground even once, don’t chase a single squirrel, and don’t even pee on anything!

10. What song released in 2010 best describes you?

Like my fostermom, I’m stuck in the 80s big time. I think the music of that era really describes me in a way that Justin Beaver and Taylor Swift just cannot. My favorite song is currently Straight Up; it’s the only song that can really make me dance.

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