a new chapter begins tonight

Tonight we make the trek from DC up to the Montgomery County Humane Society to pick up our first foster dog: a brown-eyed beauty named Lollie. Lollie is a three- or four-year-old pit bull mix who has been through a special kind of hell. In early September, Animal Control received a call about an animal in a dumpster on University Boulevard– something was in there, making noise. Expecting a raccoon or other small wild animal, rescue workers opened the dumpster and found beautiful, gentle Lollie– skinny, frightened, filthy, and covered in cuts, sores, and bruises.

She was brought back to the shelter and washed– and washed again– and washed again. Although nobody knows for certain, shelter employees believe she was mistreated by her prior caretakers and over-used for breeding, then tossed away (literally!) when her life became an inconvenience. Despite her rough background, Lollie proved to be a big sweetheart. Gentle and affectionate with people, uninterested in dogs. She became a staff favorite.

And yet, seven weeks later, no adoption. Like all dogs living in a shelter, she was at risk of getting sick or going “kennel crazy”– a condition especially likely for pit bulls because of their ultra-social nature and high energy. We went to meet her last weekend, and it was love at first sight. She has no idea what awaits her, but after today, her life will never be the same. In our home, she will find a soft, warm bed, a quiet, safe environment, good food, loving hands, and our own wonderdog Chick to mentor her. Soon enough, we hope, adopters will be lining up at our door!

Chick approves of Lolita's new digs.

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  6. She is just beautiful, and her story makes me want to cry … and it makes me angry. I cannot imagine why people could do that to an animal, or any living creature. On a positive note, my sister has a pitbull that she adores as well, and has helped changed me attitude toward the breed. Great blog!

    • Thank you! Your words mean a lot to us. It’s nice to have a reminder now and then how important the work we do. For although we are only helping one animal at a time, it can have ripple effects far beyond (as your sister’s dog has affected you). Best, Aleksandra

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