welcome home, little lady!

Lollie is more of a favorite at the Montgomery County Humane Society than I ever will be anywhere. When I went to pick her up, each staff person present lit up at her name, and at knowing that she was finally getting a chance at something good.

Lollie with her MCHS pal

She was nervous at seeing the open hatchback of the car, cowered a little at closing doors, and couldn’t figure out how to best navigate in the back of the truck on the way home but got home unscathed and undeterred.

on the way home . . .

She got a leashed tour of the house and yard, and much to my delight, has shown to be (at least so far) housebroken. Her nerves are too high to eat much, but after a bit of touring and a bath, I introduced her to her new luxury suite– her crate. It’s been an evening full of new things for her, and I bet she’s exhausted. She has fallen quiet now. I hope she has sweet dreams.

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