long road behind, long road ahead

Nobody has ever accused us of under-appreciating our family dog, Chick. He spends the day lounging about on a throne made of couch and silk pillows, snuggles in a custom doggie sleeping bag when it’s chilly in the wintertime, owns a stylish red hoodie, and gets to have play-dates with his friends at least every week or two. He enjoys grain-free, organic food and the occasional salad, happily snacking on apple cores, cabbage, carrots, and lettuce. Of course, this spoilage is partly because we are big suckers for pit bulls, and partly in reward for his impeccable behavior. He does not bark, he does not pull on leash, he does not beg, he will not take food until given the OK. His butt hits the ground mere milliseconds after the word “sit” comes out of your mouth, and he is always up for a good cuddle or play session.

We joke about Chick having been an “insta-pet” when we brought him home, but in truth, we have come a long way in six years. Lollie’s first day brought back a flood of memories of our first days with Chick. How uncertain and unrefined he was. How obvious it was that he had never had a soft bed or a gentle touch. How many hours we spent nurturing and training him to be the perfect dog.

Though Lollie is a bit of a spaz and has a long way to go, she is exhibiting a lot of very promising traits already, and we may look back on her an insta-pet too. She is extremely attentive, and responds well to treats. She is housebroken. She isn’t much of a jumper, and doesn’t grab food forcefully. She is quiet as a mouse, except when first left alone in her crate—at that point she whimpers a little bit, but even that is quiet, and only lasts a minute or two. Most important of all, she has a lot of love to give. She showers us with affection from the second we open her crate to the second we put her back in.

It’s a great start, and with lots of time and patience, the rest will come, too.

Lolita's first free-range experience in the house. A big success!

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