Bathing Beauties

Last night was Dog Bath Night at Casa Fosterfamily. Dog Bath Parties are not a rigidly scheduled occurence. Rather, they happen when one of the critters rolls around in something particularly foul, has a series of very muddy walks, or, well, just gets that very doggy smell. Last night’s party falls mostly in the third category. As it turns out, two wonderdogs get smelly faster than just one wonderdog on its own.

For Dog Bath Night, we put on our scrubbiest clothes, throw a bunch of towels down on the bathroom floor, and lure the dogs in with some particularly delicious treats. I don’t know if this is a pit bull thing or if all dogs are like this, but Lolita and Chick are both very wary of bath parties. They pout, they tremble, they tuck their tail so far between their legs that it almost hits them in the face. It’s sad and adorable at once. But mostly just adorable. Here’s the proof in pictures:

is there a rope ladder around here anywhere?

check out my acrobatic tongue

After the hour-long ordeal, we had two very pouty, very clean, and very damp little wonderdogs. I snuggled them each up in a blanket and fed them a chewy snack to celebrate.

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  1. Dave: Which one did you go with? I agree, last night was a powerhouse of photo activity.
    Ann: I should test out the sillyability of my wonderdogs next time. Normally I stuff their faces with a rawhide type treat right away so they forgive me, and by the time they finish, they’re pooped!

  2. This is SO cute and I have no idea how you can get far enough away from them to take a photo without them jumping out! Bath time is a struggle at our house but the zoomies afterwards are major entertainment!

    • Sarah, it’s easy. They are both terrified of slipping while trying to climb out, so they stand there like drippy little statues, making the saddest faces.
      And, a nice 30mm lens sure helps– you only have to be maybe 2ft away, if that.

  3. They look so defeated in those first photos, but I especially love the ones where they’re all snuggled up, rawhide in mouth. I used to have this whole process with Miss M where I had to actually lift her whole portly 75 lbs, throw her in the tub, don a bathing suit and get in with her so she wouldn’t jump out.

  4. I used the next to last one where she has the towel over her head like a hood, but was about to use the one where she is still in the tub and licking her face with the more open eyes…tough decisions!

  5. To my Chicago friend: I can’t imagine lifting a 75 pound pit bull into a tub. I have a hard enough time with Lola’s 55 pounds of pure muscle! I would love to see this ordeal at your house.
    Dave: Yes, indeed- it was a bounty of cute dog photos in the bath last night. I’m afraid I’ve set the bar high for myself as of yesterday. I think my fave is the first one of the two dogs giving the same miserable/adorable look. There is something irresistible about the vulnerability of a wet pit bull in a bath tub.

  6. Aw! What cuties!! They are so adorable. Our pits hate baths too. They just stand there like statues waiting for it to be over so they can run away. I really don’t understand how pits have such a “tough guy” reputation when they’re such wimps 😉

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