a poem for you; well-wishes for lollie

Concentration is scarce among the Fosterfamily today, because our little wonderdog is at the vet getting spayed. In keeping with MCHS rules, our own values, and of course logic and reason, Lollie is putting the smackdown on pet overpopulation.

For today’s entry, I’d like to share a snippet from a poem that we stumbled upon while vainly searching for our fosterblog on Google (no luck finding it, by the way). It’s called “Walking the Dog,” by Howard Nemerov:

Two universes mosey down the street
Connected by love and a leash and nothing else.
Mostly I look at lamplight through the leaves
While he mooches along with tail up and snout down,
Getting a secret knowledge through the nose
Almost entirely hidden from my sight.

We stand while he’s enraptured by a bush
Till I can’t stand our standing any more
And haul him off; for our relationship
Is patience balancing to this side tug
And that side drag; a pair of symbionts
Contented not to think each other’s thoughts.

There is more, but the poet’s musings turn to poop scooping, so I thought I’d refrain 😉

Send well-wishes to our darling foster wonderdog while she undergoes surgery today!


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  1. Well at least now we know that after however many litter our poor baby had she is free and clear of that mess forever! I hope it went well and that she is as comfortable as she can be.

    • Dave, I was just thinking of updating to let everyone know that the spay went fine, and she is alert and recovering at the vet. I am picking up her and her victorian conehead tomorrow!

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