Adoptability factor 1: Snugglability

In the spirit of helping Lollie find her forever family, we thought it would be smart to spend a little more effort sharing what makes her so very adoptable. Although there are endless adoptability factors we could list, we’re going to try to make this a weekly series so we don’t overwhelm you too much.

Lollie loves to snuggle. Sitting, standing, laying down; on the bed, on the floor, in the car, in the yard (ok, maybe not in the yard); morning, noon, and night; in a box or with a fox; with or without a pillow and blanket. She will gladly drift off to sleep covered up with a blanket in her room after a long walk, or curl up with her face in your lap as you read or watch a movie. She has a knack for finding the softest possible spot to lay and curling herself up into an impossibly small jellybean shape, with her nose tucked under her back paws, which are extended over her face in a diver’s full-pike position. Sometimes, her little paws and nose twitch while she sleeps, as though she’s dreaming of running through a field, chasing Max the rabbit.

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  1. Lollie! Oh, the smile she brought me today. Not because she snuggles (though its certainly not an undesirable trait!) or because she’s a pit. She has soul-fire and boundless love. Lounging and using her dogspeak as only she can. “Check this, mom….how awesome is life? I’m happy, in the most loaded sense of the word.”

    Rock on foster mama. Your commitment to this bonny gal makes me hit bliss in a snap!

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