lollie shakes it!

Just a quick video to show off what a genius-wonderdog Lollie is. I taught her this in about three minutes last night, after our evening walk. It’s incredible, how fast she learns.

Also- notice how her butt and back legs subtly slide backward as she sits in concentration. Think we should get her some rubber booties for traction?

11 responses

  1. She’s so cute! Our foster puppy used to slide back like that too. It was hilarious. Just sitting there she’d slooooowly sink closer to the floor. Too funny.

    • Nobody was happier to see le cone go than Lollie was. She hated it so much that we made an agreement to leave it off as long as she promised not to lick or bite at her staples, which are still in. She is complying 100%. Can you believe it?

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