learning from her elder

Many of Chick’s adoring fans have inquired about how he’s doing with all this attention to his darling foster-sister. You should be tickled to know that he is doing just fine, and in fact, he is blossoming in his role as Big Brother. Their time together is still limited because fosterdad and I are over-cautious, but when they are together, Chick certainly is teaching Lollie the ways of the world. See here:

“you see kiddo, when you see the peanut butter on the counter you just have to play it cool at first, and then the second she turns her back . . .”

“whuh? no, we’re totally cool… no funny business going on in here . . .”

“bow to your partner . . . and promenade around the circle . . . now do-si-do”

“now make that face like you are in urgent need of the treat in her hand. it works every time.”

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  1. They look so cute together! Lollie’s first lesson in counter-surfing, how sweet. 🙂

    And that is why I am not ready for a second dog. I can only imagine what Shiva would teach him.

    • I joke about the peanut butter / counter surfing lesson, but in reality, Chick has really been hamming it up for Lollie. He’s been on his extra-best behavior when they’re out together. I think it’s partly because they’re not totally comfortable together yet, and partly because he doesn’t want us to forget who our favorite dog is.

  2. Wow I love your blog! The pictures are gorgeous and the dogs are adorable. What a great way to get the word out about your foster! Thank you for fostering. It really is a rewarding experience even though they have to leave. I’m sure Lollie truly appreciates and understands what you’ve done for her especially since she’s a smart pittie.

  3. I hope that last picture earned them a whole handful of treats! I could never resist those faces! So glad Chick is being such a great brother! He’ll certainly miss her when she finds her furever home!

  4. I love the first conspiracy picture! It’s interesting to see the role the resident dog takes with the new foster. When we had our foster over the summer, bossy Miss M was actually a really good mentor for her. Our foster would follow her around and imitate her good habits. Mr. B didn’t like a role model position and would move to the side. We actually have pictures a lot of pictures of the 2 girls in their bed “slumber-party mode” with Mr. B pushed to the side on the hardwood floor. And I really like your bedspread. Are those coffeebag pillows? We were thinking of making some too.

    • I’m not sure if Chick and Lol will every be BFF, but they are getting along well enough. I dream of a relationship like Ms M and Mr B have, I just don’t know if it’s in the stars for these two.
      And yes, good eye- coffeebag pillows. Just be aware- they are cute, but itchy!

  5. So cute! It’s amazing what having a canine buddy does for a dog. Toni totally went from primarily skittish and fear-based at every new little thing to Mother of the Year nominee. Having a wild child friend around helped her stop focusing on what freaked her out and start focusing on demonstrating good behavior (or implementing a little tough love when Téa didn’t pick up the cues quickly enough). I don’t think we’ll ever be just a one dog family again!

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