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  1. haha so cute! Blackie LOVES soccer. I buy him an adult size soccer ball as a toy every now and then and he destroys it in about 2 weeks. It’s his favorite sport.

    • Sarah, I used to work at an emergency shelter for immigrants in Texas, and Chick regularly came to work with me. The residents loved playing soccer in the alley, and they would always bring Chick outside to play with them. Because Chick’s real name is Tyson, they would always call him “Tyson Nunez” — a famous Central American soccer player. But if he ever got hold of the ball, he would puncture it in about 4 seconds. We went through A LOT of soccer balls that year 🙂

  2. Wow! What did you do to wear her out like that?! That is NOT. EASY. to do with a girl like Lollie.

    Does she ever paw the soccer ball while kind of ‘gumming it’? (<-for lack of a better description.)

    • Ha! Well, on that particular day I did nothing. It was the day I picked her up from the vet/kennel after our trip out of town. I don’t know why she was so tired, but I think it’s from the general lack of rest one gets when surrounded by 70 other dogs barking, I suppose. When we do manage to wear her out like that, it’s from a 4 mile run followed by throwing a ball up and down the stairs in our house for 20 minutes or so!

  3. What cute photos! Lollie looks like an angel.

    My husband wants to teach our dog to play soccer. Maybe Lollie can give Shiva some advice. 🙂

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