lollie – destroyer of vegetable

Date: dinner time yesterday Location: dining room Feeling: like getting into some salad. literally.

Lollie wants you to know that eating raw kale is a three-step process. First, you shred the big kale leaf into dozens of tiny bits. Second, you scatter them about the dining room. Third, you run around and vacuum them up, leaving tongue-slime all over the floor if possible.

12 responses

  1. Does any of the kale end up inside Lollie? Or is this strictly a shredding exercise?

    And if it’s just shredding, I’d keep Lollie in mind for the next time you need to make a ton of cole slaw for a picnic.

    • Pamela, wouldn’t it be a great trick, if I could teach her two commands: “garbage dispose” and “shred”? Currently she does a kind of mix of the two . . . she ends up consuming maybe 60% of the kale, and the rest ends up slimy and wrinkled on the floor 🙂

    • Kristine, tell me more about this game you are envisioning . . . in fact, I need all the advice I can help on mentally stimulating games for dogs who are very, very smart but still at the early stages of developing their self-confidence (i.e., give up easily if the challenge is great)

      • Hmmm, well, one game we played early on back when Shiva’s frustration threshold was lower than it is now, was “find the treat”. With her still in the room I would hide a treat somewhere and tell her to go find it. Since she saw me hide it she would head straight there. Over time you can gradually move her farther away until she is in a different room while you hide the treat. It helps build confidence, tires them out, and uses their brains.

        We also put treats in empty toilet paper rolls, fold up the ends and hide those in various places around the house. Not only does she have a blast looking for them, but she also gets to enjoy destroying the toilet paper roll. Of course, I would only do this if Lollie doesn’t eat paper.

        I hope that helps!

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