bedtime antics

A while back I wrote about how dogs love to get into a rut, and described adoptable Lollie Wonderdog’s emerging routine. Part of this routine is combination play session / snuggle time before bed. I think Lollie looks forward to this time and when it comes, she really hams it up for us. Here are some of her signature moves.

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  1. Her happiness and love for life is just oozing from these photos. It is amazing how resilient she is; still loving people and life after all she’s been through. I second your amazing photography skills. Could you post some tips on getting good dog shots?

  2. Chan sent this blog to me – Lollie is adorable. My dog sometimes falls halfway off the sofa and then tries to act nonchalant like he meant to end up half standing on the floor and half sideways on the sofa. They are great contortionists.

  3. Lollie is a beautiful girl! I love her picture with Santa! I think she has already received lots of gifts, the most important being the gift of LOVE!

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