Lollie and Santa, reunited

When you look at Lollie’s pictures with Santa from this weekend’s MCHS fundraising event, you may think: this could not possibly get any better. But we assure you, it can.

Of course it is hard to see past her clear gaze, her comfortable stance, and her coyly tilted head– first right, then left . . . but look a little closer. That dashing, realistic, fabulous Santa is not just any Santa. He is Lollie’s best friend from the shelter- her key champion, and the main reason that we ended up fostering her. If you work really hard at it, you may recognize Dave from one of our first posts, when we went to pick the little girl up at the shelter.

So in a way, Santa already granted Lolita an advance Christmas wish—to go from bruised, starved, filthy stray dog found in a dumpster to spoiled, shiny-coated, well-fed house pet.

But she still has a much more important wish, and she asked Santa for it on Saturday: a forever-home and forever-family where she will be loved and appreciated for years and years to come. Could you make her wish come true?

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  1. what an adorable girl Lollie is. We are all keeping our paws crossed that she finds her forever home, but she is so fortunate to be spending this time with foster parents who take such good care of her. Bless you and have a great week.

  2. I just got a little misty right there…I love that little girl so much! For someone who has proven to be difficult to photograph at times she certainly got her act together on Saturday!

  3. I hope Lollie’s Christmas wish will come true as well. That girl has more than earned the coziest, homiest, loveliest home in the world.

    How exciting that Santa was her shelter friend! Any nervousness, not that Lollie has that problem, would have been immediately eradicated. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. he’s the best santa! he looks like he’s actually into it! my friend’s are all posting their pet’s santa photos on facebook, and the santas all look like they are terrified of pit bulls!

    • Yes, there’s something to the duo for sure. I wish Dave could adopt her, but he already has a Does Not Play Well With Others dog at home, so no luck there. Hope the four of you are doing great!

    • I know, isn’t it surprising that she hasn’t been snatched up yet? As for Dave, he is often bearded, and this particular beard was not holiday-specific. But, he did have it bleached out by a hairdresser to be totally authentic. Amazing, huh?

    • I grew it out for a sporting event but since it was so close to Christmas time I said that there would be no way I would squander this opportunity to be a “real” Santa! And I have a great friend who was willing to transform my not at all grey/white beard into what you see there! Plus Lollie deserves to get the best Santa around and I wasn’t going to let her down!

  5. I love your spots!!! It looks like she has found her forever home right where shes at. Its awesome your donating food to help the shelters!

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