Ask Lollie II

***For every comment* left on Love and a Six-Foot Leash posts from December 15th-December 31st 2010, we will donate one pound of high-quality dog food to Lollie’s sugar daddy, the Montgomery County Humane Society. Together, by spreading the word about adoptable Lollie Wonderdog, we can find her a forever home!!***

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for Lollie’s second open forum Q&A session. If you didn’t have a chance, don’t worry– we’ll do another in the new year! Send your questions as you think of them, and Lollie will give them her full attention.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring, and why?

A squirrel, a shovel, and a tin of altoids. The first would keep me entertained by frisking around. It would also dig holes and build elaborate sand castles with the second. And the third, well, I just hate having bad breath…

How do you make time to answer all of your fan mail?

I actually got a great deal on a personal assistant and have outsourced most of my pesky administrative work for me. This leaves me plenty of time for reading the classics, drinking fine brandies, and writing to my adoring fans.

Was she holding the treat out in her left hand, or had she given you the treat already, and you were feeling slightly bored/slightly amused at being photographed?

Hey smarty pants, you think you’ve got me all figured out huh? Well, you got me on that one (I got treats both before and after, and was quite amused), but what do you think was going on in this photo?

Where did you find that adorable sweatshirt?

I found it in my fosterbrother Chick’s closet. But you can get one at Amazon through a store called “Zack and Zoey.” Chick and I both weigh in the low 50s (I am broad-chested and muscular, he is tall and slim) and wear a large. Chick’s friend Pancho the English pointer (65lbs) wears an XL. If you get one, send pictures!

Snow or no snow – what’s your preference?

Gosh, this depends on so many things. Did it snow enough for fostermom and dad to get off work? Is there a nice fire in the fireplace? Did anybody think to buy me some winter boots? And most importantly, are squirrels easier to catch in the snow?

Will you make sure to tell your future adopters that I am part of the deal and I need to get at least occasional visitation rights?

Dave, my savior and my Santa, I can tell you that I will do my best. At a minimum, I am thinking about this: DC Councilmember Mary Cheh hosts a weekly “Coffee with Cheh” where residents can come hang out and ask her questions. What if I did a regular “Lounging with Lollie”? We could hang out, eat kibble, lick each other’s faces . . .

What would your most perfect furever home be like?

I’m going to be honest here. I am a very laid back lady and adapt so easily. The only must-haves for my forever home are a kind, gentle family (or person) who loves me, feeds me plenty, trains me well, and gives me a nice soft place to sleep. MCHS wants my forever family to be dog experienced and not have any young kids (just because I’m so strong I might accidentally knock them over when we’re playing). Some “nice to haves” are a big yard with a tall fence, activities such as running or hiking, and parents who love the song Last Christmas by Wham! as much as I do.

If you could go on a walk with any famous person (alive or dead) who would you pick to hold the other end of your leash?

John Travolta. If he’s as good of a walker as he is a dancer, it would be the funnest walk ever. And I’d make him sing to me in that great falsetto – it drives me wild with jubilation!

Lollie, will we see you at Christmas?

If you are fostermom and dad’s family, you bet your lucky buttons you’re gonna see me. If you’re anybody else, you too can be so lucky: just email fostermom and set up an appointment to meet me!

*limit 250lbs of food

7 responses

  1. Pretentious literature and fine brandy? Lollie, you are a girl after my own heart.

    Thanks for telling us where you got the sweater. I may need to get one for the Shivster, just in case she misbehaves. Mwahahaha. Though I doubt she would fill it out as well as you.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Fine brandy? Hmmm. We’re more scotch girls, ourselves, but we’re willing to be open minded! 😉 (Although we’d rather read some trashy romance than the classics – Wuthering Heights is actually sort of creepy… Just saying…) Merry Christmas, Wonderdog!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. That is E’s favorite Christmas song too; I think Lollie and E would get along splendidly if they had the chance to meet.
    We do like those hoodies. Besides keeping warm, we find some many people love meeting our dogs when they’re decked out in attire.
    And I loved your desert island response.

  4. Dear Lollie, I hope you find a nice home for the new year.

    We live in Nova Scotia, Canada near the ocean. It rains a lot here. We left nasty Ontario because they kill pitties that are under 6 years old and older ones must always wear a muzzle outside. Lots of little dogs are way nippy. How come they don’t have to wear muzzles.

    Love, Wendy (Lab cross), Chandler (mini Schnauzer), Trey (Staffie cross), Sooki (Red-nose pittie) and Buffy (Am Staff).

  5. Hey Lollie! Merry Christmas!

    John Travolta has a message for you:
    Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother,
    You’re stayin alive, stayin’ alive.
    Feel the city breakin’ and ev’rybody shakin’
    and we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, Stayin’ Alive!!

    We’re so glad you’re safe and warm this holiday – life will keep getting better!

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