calling all publicists!

Lollie has a new flyer to help introduce herself to more of the world. Isn’t this perfect for her? 

This weekend we’re going to take it around town and post it in strategic places. The only trouble is, we’re not very strategic. Friends of Lollie, what are good spots to put up flyers like this? We’re thinking pet stores, grocery stores, the library, and maybe vet offices. Anybody have other ideas?

Do you live in the DC area and have good spots where you could post Lollie for us? Email us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll mail you some color copies or a PDF file for printing. Lollie will thank you!

17 responses

  1. This flyer is stunning! It should definitely catch some attention.

    How about local dog training facilities or day cares? Maybe a local kennel or boarding facility? Dog parks? Dog-friendly stores?

  2. Great flyer! The picture with the Girl Scout is just perfect! If you have doggie day-cares in your area see if they’ll let you post (our local one is big in promoting adoption), also talk to local groomers. Good luck – it’s a great flyer!

    Dr. Liz (Fiona and Abby are out barking at the garbage truck)

    • Thanks all, for your great ideas so far. I’m trying to focus efforts on not dog-specific facilities and locations, because although Lollie does fine with some dogs, she would really prefer to be a one-and-only. Places like dog parks, groomers, etc, are more likely to be frequented by people who already have animals… Keep the brainstorms coming!

  3. That’s SUCH a great idea! Lollie is awfully lucky to have her very own marketing team behind her. Um, when she finally finds her furever home, would you please put it in their contract that they have to give her another blog of her own so that I can still keep in touch? K-thx!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. So cute! I made one for Magoo when I was fostering him and put it up in grocery stores. Have you put it on craigslist? I used to get some pretty weird responses but every once in a while I got a good one. I also put Magoo on Dogster as an adoptable dog.

    You could also try the Takoma Park campus of MC Comm College. I work in a really nice (and super expensivo) area and could see if some places around here would post it? Maybe Lollie could find a sugar daddy 🙂

    • This new “Target the Wealthy” concept is something I am into! Lollie deserves nothing but the best so I am officially revamping my strategy and will be refocusing on Potomac and Chevy Chase! We need more Pit Bulls at the country clubs!

      • My folks live in Potomac, so next time I’m over there I can hit the groceries in the area… the problem with targeting the rich is that the Potomac/CC people are less likely to be open to a dog like Lollie . . . or am I stereotyping unfairly?

    • Sarah, I would LOVE it if you could put up some flyers. Do you want me to email you a PDF for color printing, or mail you paper copies? Or we could get together for a coffee or a drink and I could actually hand them to you. Thoughts?

      • Any way works for me! I could secretly print them at work which is how I got Magoo’s done haha or we could meet. Its up to you!

  5. Lollie does have an amazing marketing team! I’m a bit stumped about posting ideas. For some reason I keep envisioning young couples who just bought a home and want to complete it with the perfect Wonderdog, though I’m not sure how to exactly post that.

  6. Do you know anyone that works in a large office? Mine is small, only about 20 people. But someplace like the FDA, Walter Reed, NIH…if you can hang it in the cafeteria, tons of people will see it.

  7. Love the flyer! Have you tried coffee shops? Every month or so, I take several new photos of adoptable animals to a local coffee shop, where we hang them right by the end of the counter where people stand to wait for their orders. They get a lot of exposure there, and I’m told that a lot of customers really respond to them!

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