a cat-tastic video

Just when you thought you were maxed out on Lollie’s adorability, we have something new for you. For a little Friday fun, we caught a video of her watching a youtube video of talkative cats. Her little bobblehead is just over-the-top cute.

Check it out!

For more information about adopting Lollie, contact us at DCpetographer@gmail.com or 301-520-7123.

13 responses

  1. My three cats just came flying into the room, ears back, and freaked out. What was that cat saying? Lollie and I want to know!

    • Haha, that’s really funny. I think the video cats were just hungry. It seemed like the person holding the camera may have also had an open can of cat food . . . I don’t know about your cats, but Lollie was definitely interested in consuming that cat food…

    • Pamela, no extensive testing has been done, but she seems rather predatory toward small animals, so I’d like to see her an only pet or one that lives with others her same size or later.

  2. Oh my gosh! How has this sweet little lady not been swept up yet? Her forever family must be really busy right now because they are missing out!

  3. Lollie…you just couldn’t be ANY cuter if you tried! Okay, maybe you could but then my mom’s head would prolly explode from too much adorableness.

    Oh, and I agree with you. Kittehs are Most Interesting.

    Wiggles & Wags,

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