gifts from a handsome suitor…

… or so Lollie would have you believe. Fostermom had the pleasure of photographing Vicktory dog Handsome Dan and his family a few days before Christmas Eve for StubbyDog, and as an incredibly sweet gesture, Dansome got a box of doggie Christmas cookies for Lol and Chick. Lollie has a big crush on Handsome Dan of course (what ladydog wouldn’t?) so she has been shamelessly pretending that the cookies were a gift of love (not friendship) and only for her (not also for Chick).

Here she is with their box of cookies, showing Dansome her most winning “come hither” look: 

Dansome is a real role model for dogs like Lollie, because he has overcome such cruelty and adversity and become a wonderful and gentle family member to Mark, Heather, and their two kids. Dansome is quite shy and wary of strangers– which is understandable after everything he went through at the Vick property– but he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and as time goes on, he is learning how to trust and love. He is worlds from where he was.

It was especially moving for me to meet Dansome because I had been following the Vick dogfighting drama from the start, and almost obsessively tracked the progress of the dogs at Best Friends and BAD RAP. I still remember the overwhelming emotion that washed over me each time I read a newspaper article or saw photos about the unfolding case or what was happening with the dogs. I remember seeing the Best Friends article about Dansome being adopted, and thinking how kind, gentle, and warm Heather, Mark, and their son Cam looked in the photos. I remember thinking how stark of a contrast his future life was going to be from his dark beginnings.

Well Heather, Mark, Cam, their new baby Josephine, and Handsome Dan himself all easily lived up to my imagination. Here are a few photos from our session:

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  1. What wonderful photos! Handsome Dan got himself a great looking family 🙂

    And Lollie totally has it right – boys only send candy when they really care!!

  2. Dansome is gorgeous. And it is so heart-warming to see the whole family together as one. It makes me want to cry, in a good way. That black and white photo of Handsome Dan and Josephine is amazing. He looks so careful and protective, making sure she doesn’t fall. What lucky people, what caring people, they are to have seen these changes in him first-hand.

    Out of such evil tragedy can at least come some amazing things. Thanks for sharing this – I really needed it today.

  3. What beautiful pictures!! And what a good looking family 🙂 It’s nice to hear the stories of the dogs that came from that horrible place and see how well they can truly make it in this life after coming from such terror. Thanks for letting us see Dansome and his family.

  4. Wow, what beautiful photos! You really captured their essence as a family. It is great that from such a terrible situation so many people are being educated about the resilience, loyalty, and sweet nature of pit bulls. And it looks like Dan has the most amazing family now. I can see why Lollie is enthralled with him.

  5. Her cute little baby bracelet that matches Dan’s collar is cute! The pictures are great, and while everyone is so quick to say how handsome Mr. Dan is (and they are right!) I still think that he better work pretty hard to woo Lollie! She is a very special girl and not just any pretty face is going to make the grade!

  6. I like you have followed the story of the dogs from Vick’s house of horrors and when I found this post on your blog (which I just recently found!) I was just elated! This photos are absolutely beautiful and you are right what a contrast that little boy is now living! TFS

  7. I’ve been following your wonderful blog for awhile now and just wanted to say what a great thing you are doing for Lollie! And these pictures are just so amazing! Looks like Dan found his people and I am so happy for him. The one with him and the little baby smiling is just so precious. You do amazing work!

    • Thanks Rachel, your kind comment means a lot to me. Please keep your eyes and ears open for somebody in the Mid-Atlantic looking for a wonderdog of their own! We’d really like to get Lollie adopted soon!


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