good for your heart AND for your health

We at Casa Fosterfamily just love to brag about Lollie.  By now it should be no secret; she is adorable, well-behaved, and apparently irresistible to strangers (although why has she not been adopted yet?).

Last Friday, Lollie visited Montgomery General Hospital as part of the employee health and wellness expo, to show the positive benefits of (adopted!) pets for your health. According to a Washington Examiner Article about the event, “. . . hospital employees who visited the MCHS booth at the health expo were invited to experience the instantaneous mood benefits that meeting foster dogs Bella and Lollie and foster cat Macky could have for them.”

The hospital employees discovered what Lollie’s friends and fans have know all along– that she is an instantaneous mood lifter thanks to her affectionate nature…

… and her constant clownery: 

She is also a great role model for health, because she always eats her veggies:

She knows the importance of a good night’s sleep: 

She demonstrates good restraint when eating treats and snacks:

And she likes to do yoga:

Needless to say, she was a big hit. According to her friend Santa Dave who came to the event as her handler, “Lollie was a star and made us the most popular table.” Here are a few photos taken by MCHS staff of Lollie giving some of her famous love to the crowd.

For more info on adopting Lollie, contact us at or 301-520-7123.

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    • We have had some general interest, but nothing very serious (no applications). I’m pretty surprised, given how fabulous she is!

      I think mostly it’s just hard for her to meet people in the winter because people don’t really go outside, so the most popular tactic (parading around in her “adopt me” vest) is not so effective in the winter months. I am hopeful that the right person or family will come along soon though!

  1. I love all the huggie pics. How could someone not want to adopt her! We hope she finds her home soon and are keeping our paws crossed that she does!

    • Thanks Levi, If you live in the DC area and have anyplace you could put up a flyer for us (perhaps a bulletin board at work, your gym, your grocery?), let me know and I will send you a PDF or snailmail you one!

  2. Gosh, you are an amazing foster family. After all this time and participating in all these wonderful events, going through so many changes, I don’t know if I could let her go. Even if it was the completely right thing to do, as I know it is in your case. Fostering is not for the weak, that’s for sure.

    You guys rule.

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