the fortune cookie mystery

We had no idea– until yesterday– that fortune cookies are the most coveted treat of all treats. Squealworthy treats. Droolworthy treats. 

Could she have known, somehow, that her very own fortune cookie would deliver a cryptic, but undoubtedly positive, message? 

There are two Great Mysteries to this adventure. The first Great Mystery: what is Lollie’s dearest dream? Does it involve squirrels? Toys? Becoming a celebrity spokesmodel for a very important product? Meeting her biological parents, Barbie and the Incredible Hulk? She didn’t reveal, despite our extensive begging and bribery.

The second Great Mystery: does the fortune still come true if you eat not only the fortune cookie, but the fortune itself? 

11 responses

  1. Wow, I can almost see her nose twitching with her deep inhale! Fortune cookies are highly coveted in my house too. It’s amazing how close he will get but not touch.

  2. I think Emily’s right! I think it means her forever home is getting ready to find her. And I think eating the fortune is even better than just reading it. It’s Most Impawtant to become one with your fortune, you know.

    Wiggles & Wags,

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