Welcome to our foster dog chronicles!

Welcome to our foster dog chronicles!

This blog chronicles one foster family’s experience in what happens when you take a lonely dog with a sad past out of a shelter and offer it your love and a six-foot leash. For more on our most recent foster (now adopted!) Lollie Wonderdog, check out the Adopt Lollie page or scroll through our blog, below.

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  1. Loved the care you are showering on Lollie. My dog Khille is a 7+ year old pitbull found as a 6 week puppy thrown away in a trash can in minus 15 degrees, and I can so relate to your story. Khille even has a similar red jacket and some of the same expressions all pitties have that I see on Lolly. After a rough start he has at least the best I can give him and in return stays charming, lovable and very adored. God and dog bless!!!

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