savage tongue of the pastry chef

Lollie has been an excellent cook’s assistant from the start, because she selflessly cleans up any food scraps that may fall on the floor, listens and watches very attentively as I explain recipes to her, and graciously shuffles out of the way if I need to squeeze by her in our very small kitchen.

Well last night it turned out that Lollie is an excellent pastry sous chef, too. We baked cupcakes for a colleague’s birthday today (meyer lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting– shh, don’t tell), and Lollie was ever so helpful. She made nuanced suggestions about how to improve the frosting (“I’d better have just one more taste”), offered to help decorate (“I can smooth out those lumps in no time”), and even generously cleaned up (“Take a load off, lady– I’ve got this one”).

You wouldn’t think that a four-legged critter with no opposable thumbs could do all of these things. But, you see, it all starts with the savage tongue and is fortified by the classic “horse-eye” expressions. With a killer combo like that, no pastry challenge is too great for this beast.

For more info on adopting Lollie, contact us at or 301-520-7123.

16 responses

  1. No need to sweep when you have a dog!

    Those cupcakes are gorgeous! You have talent, the both of you! As I am positive you couldn’t have done it without the Lol-ster. πŸ™‚

  2. Um, ‘scuse me a sec. Okay, I’m back…I was kinda gettin’ drooly there and needed to wipe my chin.

    Gosh, Lollie is a HUMONGOUS help. I don’t know how you ever got along without her. Sometimes I get those “horsey eyes,” too, when I’m helping. That’s how you know we’re taking our jobs seriously. Horsey eyes.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. I had always heard it referred to as “Whale eye” but Horsey eye is a million times cuter and will strictly use this term from here on out! Thanks Lollie!

  4. Morgan is our own little Hoover. I don’t have to worry about vermin in the house because our floors are SPOTLESS of food bits. I’m in such a habit of being nonchalant about food dropping on the floor, that even in restaurants or friends’ homes, if food drops I automatically holler ‘Morgan! Find it’ (I taught him the command ‘find it’ to search out food.)

    Having a food motivated animal is such a blessing.

  5. Lollie looks like a lot of fun in the kitchen. I have three helpers of my own, two labs (Max & Molly) and a miniature dachshund (Snickers) that love to helpi n the kitchen, especially when I make their treats.

    • I bet the treat-making is the best time to be in the kitchn! Smart dogs . . . Please keep your eyes and ears open for DC area folks looking for a wonderdog of their own!


  6. Those cupcakes look amazing! I wish you were my co-worker (but not just for the cupcakes, we do seem to have a lot in common). And I love her face when she’s licking the batter; you can tell from her eyes how good it is.

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