the spotlight shines once again

Lollie was featured on the fabulous ohmidog blog by fabulous dog advocate and pulitzer-prize winning writer John Woestendiek. In his post, he shares her history, progress, and current life — and reminds readers that she is still available for adoption.

The story is called Out of a Dumpster, Into You Heart.

Go give ohmidog a visit, and while you’re at it, add it to your subscriptions. It’s one of my favorite blogs out there!

7 responses

  1. Congratulations on getting the nice piece by John Woestedniek. I first started reading him when he wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer and now follow ohmidog.

    I hope the extra attention ends up being read by just the right person!

  2. Oh, congrats! Lollie, if I didn’t already have two dogs I would drive all the way from NC to DC and get you! Having two rescue dogs, I hate when people treat animals like they treated her. I’ll pray that you find a loving home! By the way, this is my first time on the blog and have enjoyed reading about it.


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