Kibble for Comments – delivery and wrap-up

From December 15 to December 31, Lollie Wonderdog offered to buy one pound of dog food for homeless dogs at the Montgomery County Humane Society (her own rescuer and sugardaddy) for every comment left on her blog—in a contest she called Kibble for Comments. Our goals were to increase readership of Lollie’s blog so that more people were spreading the word about this manificent adoptable darling, and to create a good excuse for a big donation to our favorite animal shelter.

Lollie Wonderdog wonders how she's going to drive that cart full of kibble

During the short two-week period (during the holidays no less), her dear friends and fans posted an overwhelming 201 comments. Not bad for a lowly foster dog who’s only been blogging for two months!

This weekend, we finally delivered the booty– 206 pounds of food to MCHS. Below are some photos of our adventure.

Lollie picking out her donation

This one smells so familiar . . .

Helping load up the booty...

"I know I'm a wonderdog, but jeez! I'm exhausted from all that heavy lifting!"

Relaxing with the goodies (notice the casually propped arm) . . .

The hand-off to Dave at MCHS

Lollie donates more than just dog food.

For more info on adopting Lollie Wonderdog, contact us at or 301-520-7123.

17 responses

  1. OMG that’s so great!! Lollie has a heart of gold! 🙂 And I love that shot of her with her arm propped up, she’s got this modeling thing down!

  2. We at MCHS are so grateful for Lollie’s inspirational support! She looked great on Saturday and I was glad to get some lovin’ from her. Thanks to her foster parents for encouraging her to be so generous! 😉

  3. YAY, Lollie! You and your foster pawrents did SUCH a super terrific thing for all those shelter doggies. And you also did a Most Wonderful job of helping to get everything loaded up and delivered. Whew! I know it was hard work but you did it!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. That was a really great idea to donate all that food, and in a way that gets everyone else involved!
    I hope to foster dogs one day when I’m old enough and have my own home.

  5. Sometimes I love going back and reliving some of the fun days with Lollie. She really was my little girl and I can’t thank you guys enough for taking her in and giving her a chance.

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