don’t it make my white dog cream?

We had an exciting snow storm last night (it was the first time I had heard the term “thundersnow” used) that left us with about six inches of chunky, snowcone like white stuff on the ground this morning. On our morning walk with the dogs, Lollie Wonderdog was extra frisky. She was bounding about like a little pup and acting extra curious about everything.

As we walked and admired the pretty snow in the trees, fosterdad and I were noticing how very yellow our ordinarily white-seeming dogs looked, compared to the stark, cold white of the snow. Even when they are newly washed (which, admittedly, they are not right now), they seem a little creamy when it’s snowy out.

Will dear foster Lollie Wonderdog have an identity crisis if we start calling her “brindle and cream” instead of “brindle and white”?

For more info on adopting Lollie, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com, or 301-520-7123.

11 responses

  1. Brindle and cream, I think sounds warmer, sweeter. White sounds cold and distant. Perhaps cream will be the word that catches her adopter’s eye. It is all about creative marketing, right?

  2. I love how the snow makes such a great backdrop. Your pictures always look amazing, and you do have such a great professional model. I know brown and cream are some of the hottest fashion colors for spring; it seems like Lollie is a bit ahead of the curve!

  3. Mmmmm…brindle and cream! It sounds like a delicious hot drink! You’re so pretty, Lollie. You want to know a secret? My mom is SO totally in luv with you. It’s prolly good that we live more than two hours away from where you live cuz she would just luv to scoop you up and bring you home! But don’t worry. I’m not jealous. I can see where she’s coming from. Plus, we can’t have more than two doggies in the neighborhood where we live anyway.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. It’s funny you say that about the snow and her color because we were just saying the same thing about Neptune! He looks so dingy in the snow. I suggested a little bleach, right after we get his plastic surgery to fix the extra skin in his neck;)

    I’m jealous of all the snow in DC! It never snowed when I lived there.

  5. Brindle and cream – yum. Sounds like a dessert.
    It’s summer here right now. We’ve been going paddling in the river. It doesn’t snow here, but we wish it did.
    Maybe Lollie could be brindle and wheaten?

  6. I understand I am late to this party but according to Dolce & Gabbana, what you have there is “winter white”. And a lovely version of it – I should add.

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