Adoptability factor 5: Rock-solid temperament

This is the fifth in our regular series on what makes sweet Lollie Wonderdog so very adoptable. Although there are endless adoptability factors we could list, we are releasing these only occasionally so we don’t overwhelm you too much. 

Adoptability factor archive: 1: Snugglability 2: Trainability 3: Drop Dead Gorgeousness 4: Magnetic Personality

Lollie Wonderdog is not what you would call a fussy dog. She will eat anything, sit anywhere, go out in any weather without complaint, and let you handle her in any way you wish. Some dogs are particular about having their nails touched, their ears or tails pulled, or their bellies rubbed by the wrong person. Lollie’s attitude? “Bring it!”

So the other day, I sat her down in front of her TV (our dining room window) to demonstrate how unthrilling it is to have her paws and nails messed with:

and her lips pulled:

and also her ears yanked:

Her reaction is very similar to being picked up, having her tail pulled, or when the dogtor puts a thermometer in her butt (fortunately not pictured here).

In fact, she is so willing and tolerant that she will even let you dress her in human clothes– whether those clothes happen to be a Peruvian winter hat:

Or a nice brown shawl from India:

What more could you ask for in a dog?

For more info on adopting Lollie Wonderdog, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com or 301-520-7123.

24 responses

  1. Wow, Lollie! You are such a good doggie. I don’t mind my feetsies or my teethies or my ears being messed with. But I DO have two rules: 1) don’t wipe my butt. You can poke a thermometer in there. Fine. But whatever you do, DON’T WIPE IT!; and 2) I don’t do hats. I mean, they might squish my Most Magnificent brindle ears!

    Maybe you could gets a haberdasher to adopt you! (My mom says that’s a fancy word for hat-maker. I dunno why they don’t just say hat-maker.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. I wish we could be owned by Lollie!

    (Still working on story/pix montage of K for C for MCHS website — snow has wrought havoc with coordinating skeds…)

  3. I’m going to have to QUIT reading Lollie’s blog! I want her more each time I see her and is the case with so many people who are smitten by dogs I have more than my fair share already 😦 Someone is going to be SO LUCKY to have her I just wish that someone was going to be me.

    • please don’t stop reading– we love our readers! perhaps even though you can’t adopt her yourself, you can think of some friends, family, or coworkers who may be looking for a wonderdog of their own . . . enjoy your weekend, aleksandra

  4. Absolutely adorable blog and dog! We were fosters for several years for City Dogs Rescue before finally finding Dexter, our border collie/golden/dachschund/who knows what else mix with 3 good legs and boundless energy. You’re doing a great thing and I hope Lollie finds a home soon!

  5. We grew up with a dog that snapped at us, and I think for many people they just accept that dogs might snap or not want to be touched. But now that I see it is possible to have a dog that will put up with all that, not to mention be dressed up, I can’t imagine why more people wouldn’t go that way. I love how she is so willing to be dressed up; it kind of reminds me of when ET was dressed up in the movie.

  6. I love your blog! If I wasn’t already living with a very particular dachshund who likes to be an only dog, I’d take Lollie home in a second.

  7. I wonder if Lollie’s just this way w/you. She seems like she’s just incredibly happy being your dog. If I lived closer, though, I’d take Lollie off your hands and hope she’d be just as happy w/me, my husband, my lab mix and my 3 kids.

    • Oh, you flatter . . . as nice as it is to think that there is something special about us, Lollie is just a happy dog. She is happy inside, outside, with us or strangers, at our house or at the kennel, it doesn’t much matter to her. She just has the most positive, sweet, good-natured spirit. I’m sure she would be happy with your family or any other wonderful people with a lot of love to give!

  8. Lollie is endlessly cute and entertaining. The fact that she is so easy to handle as well certainly is a huge bonus. Not every dog is so tolerant. If I had a real backyard, I would consider driving down there to pick her up myself. You both are such awesome foster parents. It is time for Lollie to find a home so you can help another dog.

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