…sitting too close to the TV

Last week we revealed that the pretty lighting in many of Lollie’s portraits is actually the glow of her personal TV on her face– the dining room windows and their captivating display of running, leaping, and flying squirrels.

Unfortunately, over the past week or two Miss Lollie Wonderdog has started boldly getting too close to the TV, which may not be bad for her eyes, but probably is not great for our windowsills and the trinkets we leave laying around on them.

So tell us friends, how do we acquire less of this . . .

. . . and more of this?

For more info on adopting Lollie, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com or 301-520-7123.

8 responses

  1. LOL shes toooo cute…I went thru this exact thing with my pittie girl and the dining room window. But last year after her a.c.l repair we had to make her not stand on hind legs, etc…so to encourage a “sit and no jump” for the window…I put a foam nerf-like square about 8 inches wide and 6 inches tall right underneath the window…and put one of her doggie beds in front of it. The foam served like a “bumper” of sorts. She re-learned herself to sit in front of it still facing the window but could not go right up against the sill. And now even though we have since removed it from that spot, she still sits as though its there.

  2. It just seems so fascinating for the dogs Our pooches are lucky that our windows are at eye-level, so they don’t have to do the hi-jinks. The funny thing is, if you’re ever paying attention when you walk around the neighborhoods, there are all kinds of little eyes and faces peering out at us. I feel very watched.

  3. Mama has thoughtfully & conveniently placed a padded footstool in front of our living room window, so that I might be able to see out the window with out raking my little claws on the sill. Of course, I’m just a hair smaller than Lollie, so I dunno if that solution will work for you. I guess it would have to be a pretty big footstool huh?

  4. Too cute. Shiva has only recently discovered our large living room window. But she has to climb on the furniture in order too see it, which we let her do with permission. But the draw of the window is so great, she does not always like to wait…

    I like the above idea of a dog-friendly foot stool. It may help her see out without damaging any of your lovely things.

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