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Sometimes I like to look at the stats for Lollie’s blog to see what people are searching for when they find us. Not surprisingly, most of the hits are looking for our blog by name: Loveandaleash / Love and a six foot leash / Lollie leash blog / Lollie the wonderdog blog

There are also quite a few hits from people who are searching for Lollie by her characteristics: Adopt lollie / Lollie snuggly pit bull / Lolita pit bull foster Montgomery county / Lollie wonderdog / Lollie dog foster dog / Lollie headstand dog.

Sometimes, people stumble upon us when they are looking for our friends: Crush Holyoke photos / Two pitties in the city / Handsome dan / Cori o’holleran bugle

Other times, people find Lollie while searching for other dog related things: Dog in cone / Dog bath / Sleeping / dog santa / Animal with bandage / Dogs eating treats / Dog photography / Chase it dog toys

Then, there are the funny ones. Some are searches that I really hope are looking for Lollie Wonderdog, but I can’t be sure: Lollie the carpenter / Dog headstand to pet / Cute pet me headstand

Some are much more odd and hilarious: Chewy lollie / Incredible hulk and his girlfriend / Hulk big legs picture / Girl drop dead gorgeous / Extra hugs / Tiny waist / Tiny wasit big / Big ribs small waist / Small waist big butt (I hope you are appreciating this pattern forming)

And finally, there are the ones that make me really the happiest- the ones that I hope are influencing perceptions and behaviors: What is trainability / Breakthrough new friends / Advantages of adopting a fostered dog / What is adoptability / Pit bulls / Pit bull trainability

Pit bull trainability, by the way, is this:



12 responses

  1. Heehee! We were thinking abouts doing a postie on this, too. Some of the ways peoples find us are funny, some make sense and some are a little…uh…questionable.

    I hopes one of these days, one of those peoples who find your bloggie will fall head-over-heels for Lollie and gives her Her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Lollie! You buried the lead! My, my, just settin’ there all pretty and all, not snarfing up yer kibble… You are so much more trainable than I am!

  3. And I thought the Lollie headstand dog was funny! I am supposed to be working on my paper for class tomorrow, and of course I had to check your blog and it was so funny to see the Miss M and Mr B photo. And I love how she waits so patiently for her food; that’s a really positive pitbull trait.

    • yeah, it occurred to me after i stone cold stole your photo that i should have asked your permission. i am so sorry! i did link to your website from it though . . . thanks for being such inspirations!

  4. Pit bull dance party and Lollie Wonderdog are the two I remember searching for early on. My sister in law was looking to adopt first a greyhound and now a great dane and naturally I was trying to turn her. She doesn’t live in Lollie’s target area but there’s a shelter right down the street (for crying out loud).. This was a a great read and I too enjoyed the guest appearance of Miss M & Mr B!

  5. Ha! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing search engine terms used to find our blog too. Here are some of our favorites: doggy meanballs (did they mean meatballs?), where is it 80 degrees in january, bette midler outrageous fortune, elephant poo ideas, and last but certainly not least, ideas on how to go a poo.

    The last one might just be the best. I hope they found some good “ideas on how to go a poo” on our blog. 😀

  6. Just catching up on my fave blogs after too long being swamped with work! I LOVE the trainability photo. People always ask me, aren’t pit bulls hard to train? My answer is usually… Can your dog give you his paw and then his other paw and then beg on his back legs, and lie down and then put his head down and wait to eat a treat right under his nose and kiss on command? Yes he can? Did he learn each trick in less than 5 minutes? That’s pit bull trainability!

    It’s so amazing what you are doing for Lollie. Not just fostering her, but putting so much effort into making her the best possible dog, the most adoptable and giving her such a great life in the meantime. It takes a lot to do that for a dog who you know won’t be with you for long. It’s really people like you that make a difference, even if it’s for one dog at a time, it’s such a huge thing for that dog. Sorry for the long sappy comment but it really makes me happy and while getting all wrapped up in the enthralling world of banking, I sometimes forget what truly makes my life so full.

    — Sarah and Blackie (who incidentally HATES banking)

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