a letter to my future forever family

Dear future forever family:

I hope you have lots of puzzles and toys for me to play with when you bring me home. I don’t know which I prefer . . . puzzles or toys. Pretty much if I can put it in my mouth and chew on it and it tastes delicious, it will do the trick.


Miss Lollie Wonderdog

12 responses

  1. What is she chewing? I need something that my pup loves, but won’t destroy in .5 seconds! And of course her future forever family needs to know what her favorite things are too!! =)

    • in the first photo she has a nylabone (available at any pet store). i got her the liver flavored one, i think. it’s made of some kind of nontoxic plastic, and she just loves it. apparently it’s good for their teeth. in the second photo she is playing with a kong genius toy. actually it’s two kong genius toys fit together (they are designed for this). if you have never tried kongs, i REALLY recommend them. you can stuff them with food (we use dog food, peanut butter, cottage cheese, leftovers, whatever we have sitting around), and the dogs have to chew and lick and roll the kong around to get the snacks out. it keeps our pooches occupied for a while, and they are virtually indestructible even by our monster chewers (we have been using kongs every day for years and are just now starting to have to replace a few of them from wear and cracking). if you try either of these, let me know how it goes!

  2. That is a super great letter, Lollie. Two very Most Impawtant things for them to remember.

    I LUVS my nylabones but I have never seen that second toy. I’m gonna have to gets my mom on this right away!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. I hope the home visit goes well and Lollie has a permanent home soon! As for puzzles and toys, isn’t it a bonus if the OTHER dog wants it right then, too? In our house, nylabones are always more attractive when they’re in the other dog’s grip!

  4. Nothin’ like a good nylabone. Shiva has the same Kong genius toys only in purple! Hers are also missing some chunks. I hope Lollie’s stay in one piece!

  5. Just found your blog. Lollie is beautiful. I was reading older posts and found the Cat-tastic video. When I played it, Cai my pit-mix ran around the living room looking for the kitties. He couldn’t figure out where they could be.

    • that is hilarious! i love when the dogs respond to videos of other dogs watching videos. its some kind of amazing twilight zone. i’m glad you found our blog, and thank you for your sweet compliments about lollie. she really is a treasure.

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