Adoptable Lollie Wonderdog came home from “camp” tonight and almost immediately scurried off to the nearest dog bed to fall deeply and profoundly asleep. We had been away over the weekend, so she spent four nights at her vet’s kennel. The facility is no fancy digs, but everybody there seems to love our sweet girl, and every time she comes home she is freshly washed and completely exhausted.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for the one in which everything is illuminated.

8 responses

  1. The last picture is my favorite with the extra jowl hanging over. So happy to hear that good things are happening for Lollie! PS- you totally stole my next blog title with “Everything is illuminated.” Great minds think alike 😛

  2. She suuuuure does look relaxed. I guess I never noticed but she has an “off” button on the top of her head just like my Brudder Ranger!

    I can’t wait for the illumination!

    Wiggles & wags,

  3. Awww, sleepy puppy. I am glad she enjoys herself so much when you are away. I’ve always been nervous about leaving my dog with someone else so thus far we haven’t gone anywhere Shiva can’t go as well. But it’s good to know there may be some great places if it ever becomes necessary.

    Can’t wait for the news!!

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