a (human) suitor for Lollie

The ebbs and flows of interest in sweet Lollie Wonderdog are like a Central Texas thunderstorm in the middle of a long, dry spell in summer. Miss Wonderdog had been living with us for three full months without a single peep of real interest in adopting her. Then, all of a sudden when we were beginning to wonder what was wrong with the world for not fighting over who got to bring home this sweet, adorable dog, we received an inquiry. And then another. And then three more. One more. In all, eleven inquiries in twelve days. A flash flood. And out of nowhere.

Hello suitor, are you my One?

After we got our bearings, we dutifully corresponded with many people who seemed like such great potential Lollie companions, but many people struck out based on circumstances: no past dog ownership experience. Cats or tiny dogs in the house. Babies. Renting apartments that don’t allow bully breeds (let’s not get started on that one).

Some others didn’t strike out, but fosterdad and I took an immediate liking to one family in particular– the first family, in fact. Here are the pertinent facts about them:

  1. Two active parents and two cute kiddos live a few miles from us, own a house with a big fenced yard, and are looking for a “new family member” after losing their previous dog to a sad illness last fall (key criteria for adopting Lollie: active family, space, prior dog experience, plenty of love to give).
  2. Mom has stated that she will “gladly” send follow ups and pictures for her adoring fan club—of which she was a member via the blog (willingness to send periodic pics and updates is on the unofficial criteria list).
  3. The other night at dinner, daughter “O” was careful to clarify that Lollie’s foster mommy and daddy said she could not eat grapes, onions and chocolate, but she thinks that if Lollie becomes their dog, it would be okay if she helped “O” finish her lentils. She wanted to check with us to see what we think (Lollie is the fosterchild of two vegetarians and loves lentils).

There are probably other facts about this family that I could share, but we just wanted to offer a little teaser. Stay tuned later this week, when we reveal whether this family is Lollie’s One . . .

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  1. Yay! I can’t wait to hear more! Hopefully this is the perfect family for such a sweet girl! I am sure Lollie would love to eat O’s lentils! Lollie is welcome to eat mine too at any point!

  2. Yayyyy for Lollie! So happy for all of her inquiries. That family sure does sound wonderful (especially the fact they will send updates.. I really look forward to reading about lollies adventures :-)).
    How are lollies foster parents feeling? I’m sure you will miss her very much. Congrats on doing such an amazing thing! After fostering about 7 pitties my husband and I couldn’t let this last one go… Amy has now become a permanent member. Fostering is so hard so I really commend you both 🙂

  3. I am so excited about all this. I am going to be so happy when she gets into her forever home! But even with the occasional updates and pics etc…I think I am going to also be kinda sad that I won’t have these people on my speed dial to call in case of an emergency need to see my girl.

  4. Oh, this is so exciting! And I bet Lollie would be so happy with kids to love her. I was very shocked that she hadn’t gotten any inquires, but I think maybe with all the spring flowers it is now officially adoption season! And we are also very excited about the prospect that we still get to see Lollie in blogland.

  5. Ohmidogness! Ohmidogness! Ohmidogness! I’m so excited that I’m practically doing headstands (I’ve been practicing ever since I started reading Lollie’s blog). Oh, my paws are crossed super duper tight that maybe, just maybe, this might be her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was.

    Okay, I gotta ask mom what lentils are.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Oh my, Lollie, we are crossing our fingers and our toes and our eyes, hoping that maybe you have found your family. I like the little girl – I am A-OK with anydoggy who wants to feed me lentils!

  7. We’re so excited for Lollie! Here’s hoping all of the next steps fall into place, if that’s the way this should go for her. Maybe the little sneak peek of spring has gotten to people – it’s hard to think about walking dogs or playing in the yard when the snow is piling up. Whatever the reason – hoooo-ray!! (Also, we do know that Lollie likes her veggies – sounds like a match made in heaven to me!)

  8. Oh Lollie, we are so excited for you and hope that this is YOUR family. Imagine having your own children to do headstands over and to sneak you lentils! We hope it is a reality very, very soon.

  9. Oh, I hope her family has shown up. She is obviously such a wonderful girl. I was reading your blog last night and was sorely tempted, but I have too many things in the No column, cat, live far away, and have an elderly queen pup at home who does not share her people. I have my fingers crossed that Lollie has found someone to share lentils with.

  10. Oh, i hope so! i live in Oregon and have been wishing i could adopt her. Also feel tears in the back of my eyes that i won’t get to see these wonderful px and read these great stories. You two have done SUCH a fanstastic ! job with her….i feel your hearts when it comes time for her to go ….such mixed blessings……thanks for taking care of her and doing all you have done. i’ll keep reading to see how this goes….i hope Lollie gets the BEST she can have.

  11. You are truly evil. You wouldn’t taunt us like this if Lollie’s potiential adopters were a no go would you? Would you???

    Evil. My fingers and toes are all crossed.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Great question. I want to start by saying that I don’t make the rules, the shelter through which we are fostering Lollie makes them. Given that, all I can do is speculate. I believe the reason for prior dog experience is that some dogs are more of a handful than others, and having worked with dogs before gives you a head start on assimilating and training a dog that is more on the handful side. Lollie is sweet as can be, very smart, and very willing to learn, but she is also quite clever and tenacious, so she could become the queen bee in the household if she is not managed by a patient, calm, firm leader– one who has experience, or is a natural, or is willing to commit the time and energy it takes to properly train a dog and establish a strong relationship. Personally, I would be just as willing to adopt a dog like Lollie to somebody in the latter two categories I listed. But in the end, I am not boss 😉

      Hope this helps, Aleksandra

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