everything is illuminated

The other night we were sitting around in the den, like we often do, and Lollie was checking out some of our books, like she often does, trying to decide what to read. When she is extra-concentrating, she likes to go into an intellectual play-bow while she thinks.

First she contemplated the blue books . . .Hmm, some Poe? Maybe some Murakami? Perhaps my friend MMB’s short story?

Then she contemplated the orange and red books . . .Ooh, I do like that Michael Chabon, and I heard the new McCann is good too . . .

But then she surprised herself, and selected a book — a favorite of her foster mom and dad’s — that she hadn’t even planned on reading: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated.Smells like a good read to me . . .

She is pretty enthralled with the story of Shapka, Jonathan, and Sammy Davis Junior-Junior (the seeing-eye bitch), but promises that once she’s done reading this book — tomorrow — she will return her attention to her fans, and share the next chapter in her foster adventure.

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  1. Oh boy – now I’m going to have to re-arrange my bookshelves by color. What a brilliant way to organize and decorate! Wish I could get my girls reading – Maggie read….er….ate a book one time. Called “How Dogs Think”. Guess she didn’t want me to know. One and only book she ever read….er….ate.

  2. I just found your blog. I love the photos you have up. I know good photos definitely help to draw attention to animals up for adoption. Sometimes when I am browsing petfinder (it is a bad habit, I am not looking for any new pets), I see some of the worst photos, and always feel so bad for those animals.

  3. I’ve never actually thought of arranging my books by colour before! What a wonderful idea and clearly Lollie approves.
    Do I see Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief on the Blue Shelf?

    • Nope, but what I do see is:

      Not without Peril

      The Housekeeper and the Professor

      Charles Dickens – selected works

      On Chessil Beach

      New Stories from the South 2010

      Best American Nonrequired Reading (2009?)

      Mr. Muo’s Travelling Couch

      Pablo Neruda’s Memoirs

      The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

      Me Talk Pretty One Day

      Unaccustomed Earth

      A Prayer for Owen Meany

      Edgar Allan Poe – selected works

  4. Okay, Miss Lollie Fostermom. This is NOT what I thought this postie was gonna be about when you said everything was gonna be illuminated. Humph! I’m on the edge of my seat here! But, well, I hope she enjoys her book. Has she read “Green Eggs and Ham”? I luvs that book.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Yes, I was surprised by the post too. But not to find out how literate Lollie is. That goes without saying.

    The funny thing is that as I opened your post, I caught Honey sniffing my bookcase. My books are arranged by topic and she was showing serious interest in dog books: Patricia McConnell, Dr. Pitcairn, Edie Jarolim, Carolyn Knapp.

    We keep fiction on a higher shelf. We think Honey might be a little young for Margaret Atwood and Fyodor Dostoyevski.

  6. I love how your shelves are so organised. Mine are kind of a mess. To be perfectly honest, most of my books are still in boxes from the big move. It’s a little embarrassing. Yours all look so pretty and grown-up! I love Lollie enjoys that book a lot more than I did!

    And yes, this post was very, very mean. And sneaky. 😉

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