A letter to Lollie in her new home

Dear Lollie Wonderdog,

Thank you for writing us to tell us that you got home safely, went for a nice walk with your new people, and got snuggled in to your new gigantic crate. We are happy to know that like your new mom, who is a real nurse, you have a real knack for treating illness, and you gave your new brother Isaiah lots of licks to help with his fever.

We did think about you a lot after you left last night (I only cried a little, and I hope your new mom’s eyes stopped watering too after you guys drove away). We sat on the front porch to take in the unseasonably warm weather and have a beer, and wondered what you thought of your new neighborhood and your new people. We know it’s going to be an adjustment, and it’ll probably take you a few weeks to really feel “at home” — even though you are a wonderdog– it took you even longer with us.

I hope you remember the things we talked about before you left. Please try not to jump up on your new human brother and sister and knock them over. We know it is hard to learn a different way (other than the natural dog way) to greet people and show them you like them, but please try. When you’re walking on a leash, please try not to pull, even if you discover that pulling doesn’t make the walk stop and stand still until you quit it. The treats will come more quickly if you walk like the good girl that you are. I promise. When you are feeling restless, please try to take to an activity rather than spit-cleaning your new mom’s boots or pacing endlessly around. You found a lot of satisfaction in solving puzzles, playing fetch, and extracting treats and peanut butter from kongs and other toys, so remember to grab a nylabone when you get bored. And while we’re on the subject, please try to keep straight which objects are for chewing and which objects are not for dogs. I know sometimes it’s confusing — especially with firewood and shoelaces — but listen to your new family. They will help you learn.

Lollie, you pass through the world with a carefree grace that I have rarely seen in a dog, and have never seen in a person. Your ability to make everybody like you and the whole world smile, paired with your ability to overcome anything with a wagging tail and a flapping tongue is truly remarkable. I hope you don’t remember the specifics of how you ended up in that dumpster in September, bruised, half-starved, and filthy, but I hope you always remember that you have overcome so much — and come out a shooting star. An eternal firework.

Lollie Wonderdog, it’s an amazing thing when a sad little dog can teach a bunch of humans so much about perseverance, patience, and overcoming the odds. You have touched our lives forever, and we love you very much.

With boundless affection,

Fostermom and Fosterdad (and Chick, but his affection has very clear boundaries)

Lollie and her new sister Olivia, ready to go home

30 responses

  1. Wow, that’s a lot for Lollie to remember….

    I’m sure she’ll remember the most important thing which is to remain the sweet, lovable girl she is.

    I’m sure Chick is happy to be back at the center of your world for a little while. Enjoy each other!

    • Hey Sam,

      I doubt it, but they live near us and have already promised to let us visit, in addition to sending updates and photos often. We will be posting about Lollie’s continued progress as often as we can! And soon, we’ll have another foster dog for you to fall in love with . . .

  2. Thanks for making me cry profusely at 9 a.m. on a Saturday…. 🙂

    That was a really sweet letter and great things for her to remember. Can’t wait to meet your next wonderpup….

  3. What a beautiful, amazing letter. That literally brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with Lollie. I have so enjoyed reading daily… It was something I really looked forward to each day 🙂

  4. Dear Fostermom and Fosterdad,
    Thank you for your lovely letter to Lollie. I truly believe that dogs never forget the people who love them. You see the heart is an organ that is infinite in its capacity to love. You’ve given her the ability love and to have a good life. That is priceless.


  5. I think that letter completely exemplifies the bittersweet farewell for fosterparents. Did we teach them well? Will they carry over those lessons to their new home? It brings so many sweet pit faces to my mind, and makes me want to call each and every family that has lovingly adopted a former foster just to check in on them. But I think that picture shows that, unlike us, our foster dogs have no hesitation about joining a forever family that genuinely cares for them. Congratulations on a job well done, and for your touching letter!


  6. Thanks…for making this big tough tattooed toughguy look like a freaking wimp. I’ve made it this long without ACTUALLY crying while reading your blog (although I might have misted up)…at least that I could blame on allergies or something but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be fooling anyone this time. Beyond that, you guys know how I feel about the job you did with her. You really gave her the chance to live the kind of life she has deserved for all this time but never had until you! Realistically her odds here at the shelter were stacked against her and you opened up so many doors for her…including the door to her new family. I know Lollie did the best job she could to say thank you for everything but I don’t know if I will ever be able to say it all or come up with the correct words to really get it right.

  7. Congrats to Lollie and you, although I’m sure it is bittersweet. She is obviously a wonderful girl, and so lucky to have a great foster family until her forever home found her.

  8. OH! This is just the BEST. We know exactly how you feel; hoping she is ready. Wanting her to remember everything you worked on and hoping that her new family can work through anything else and that bittersweet feeling that while you might have lost a dog, that dog has gained a family. Kudos to you FosterMom, FosterDad & Chick. Lollie Wonderdog was so lucky to have you.

  9. Good luck, Lollie! I’ll miss hearing about your progress every day, but I’m happy to know that you found a forever home where you are already loved.

  10. Dearest Lollie,
    Congratulations on finally finding your forever family (that’s a lot of ‘fs’!)
    We are so thrilled for you, although we are going to miss reading about you every day and seeing your foster mom’s brilliant photography.
    Be safe and most importantly, be happy.

  11. Hi Y’all,

    I came over from Kolchak Puggle in time to see Lollie go to her forever home! That is so wonderful! I must pick up a feed and follow your new foster.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Count me as another person who cried because of this post. I’m so happy for you, and Lollie, and Lollie’s new family, and the next foster you will be able to take on. You guys are a rockstar foster family.

    And that photo is priceless. I hope her new home has it printed and framed. So touching.

  13. Waterworks from me as well. She is so, so lucky and I’m so impressed with the amazing example you’re setting for foster dog parents and potential foster dog parents everywhere. I tell a lot of people who are considering fostering to read your posts – I think it’s both educational and inspiring. I can’t wait to meet your next foster while we’re waiting for Lollie updates!

  14. I am so happy!!! I knew, I just knew this was the news you were hinting at but I was scared to look. While it is brilliantly wonderful – and about time – it is also a little sad. The end of the Lollie era…

    I hope that it doesn’t mean you will stop blogging, though I am sure you need a few days to decompress. I know I will miss all your photos and stories. Thanks for being such an amazing dog owner and foster mom!

  15. I hope so much that this works out for Lolita and her new family. Pitties have so much to offer and can you imagine the fun those kids and that dog will have together? A lifetime I’m sure.

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  17. So beautifully written. I think Lollie not only lucked out in having a second chance, and getting a great new home, but having you as foster parents. I second what T2 says…you have done a great job showing what fostering is like…and it’s actually getting us to think about getting another foster.

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