A new start and a new name

After we saw some of the heartfelt, emotional reactions to our last post, we promised that the next one would be more silly and lighthearted. Don’t lead yourself to believe, though, that silly and lighthearted mean unimportant, because this is serious business.

After much deliberation, Lollie Wonderdog’s new family decided to gift her a new name to go along with her new charmed life. Lollie’s new human siblings, 8 and 9-year-old Olivia and Isaiah, were major contributors to this important decision, and came up with a few strong contenders.

Names considered, but not ultimately chosen: Firecracker Leonard and Lily Frankfurter.

No, in the end, Lollie’s new family selected a name that conveys her natural beauty and her nice-smelling nature, as well as her universal likeability and her sparkly personality that dazzles all. As a bonus, her new name has a similar sound and feel to her old name, which will make it easy for her to learn.

So, without further delay, we proudly present to you . . . .

25 responses

  1. Well, that certainly sums up this sparkling Pit Bull. I hope we hear much from Ms. Lily Fireworks in the future.

    Congrats Ms. Lily – You look amazing with your new fashion.

  2. Whoa! Lily Firewords might be the Most Wonderful name ever. And I bet nobuddy else in the whole wide world has that name, which is Most Appropriate since there’s nobuddy else in the whole wide world like Lily Fireworks.

    We just read your postie from yesterday and yup, my mom’s leaking for sure. I know Lily is gonna be just the bestest girl in her Forever Home and will only be a little bit bad sometimes to keep things interesting. Oh, and I LUVED the last picture. You can tell they’re gonna be the best of furends.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. I wish she could have contained herself enough to have made it at least to her new home before destroying her nice custom visor! But I guess things got a little rowdy at the going away party!

  4. We most heartily approve of the new name. Ziggy Stardust thinks that he and Lily Fireworks would make a pretty spectacular pair 🙂

  5. Lovely! It suits her perfectly. Her expression is hilarious. I don’t know if she is quite used to the change yet but I know before long she won’t know anything else. Congratulations to her new family!

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